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Fusion Coasting Blend Coffee

Fusion Coasting Blend Coffee

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Fusion Evening Coffee - Coasting Blend

Never heard of an evening coffee? Wind down from a long day with Fusion’s Coasting blend (choose from ground coffee or beans). Settle in and change your mind about the best time of day to drink coffee with a rich, chocolatey roast that gently extends your energy levels into the evening, without the kick of morning or afternoon coffee.

Like with all of our blends, Coasting was specifically designed to be paired and infused with our CBD products or with your favorite strand of cannabis.

Pair it with:

Fusion’s Coasting suits the chill vibe and earthy notes of Indica strains with a rich and heavy texture that will soothe and relax after a long day. If you’re more of a CBD Coffee kind of person, try adding in a few drops of Fusion’s broad spectrum CBD oil or pair with our pure CBD capsules for sleep and recovery.

100% Arabica Gourmet Coffee

Grown in high-altitude micro-lots in South America, our 100% Arabica coffee beans and grounds are always fresh thanks to our on-demand ordering system. We work with our farmers to create flavor profiles you won’t find anywhere else, like our Coasting roast’s mix of honey and earthy tones.

This product does not contain CBD. CBD oil is sold separately.

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