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Fusion High Energy Blend Coffee

Fusion High Energy Blend Coffee

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Fusion Morning Coffee - High Energy Blend

Wake up to a not-so-average cup of Joe with Fusion’s High Energy coffee beans and grounds! Fusion’s unique coffee blends were specifically designed to be paired and infused with our CBD products or with your favorite strand of cannabis.

With its citrusy notes, our morning blend - High Energy - is delicious on its own, but also made to accentuate the fruity tones of popular Sativa strains like Grapefruit and Strawberry Cough. For those who prefer CBD and coffee, try adding in a few drops of Fusion’s full spectrum CBD oil.

100% Arabica Gourmet Coffee

We work with micro-lots in the highest altitudes of South America to produce artisanal Arabica coffee beans and grounds, tailored to merge caffeine with the best wake and bake strains of weed or any of our CBD oils.

Morning Coffee And CBD

What’s the best time of day to take CBD? There is no right answer, but it depends what effects you’re after. Adding CBD oil to your morning coffee can bring out the best both of worlds, actively boosting your energy, while mellowing out that caffeine spike. Taking CBD before work can help you stay focused and concentrated for longer, while coffee provides the instant energy you need to power through.

Whether you need an extra kick on weekdays or a little help getting through Sunday brunch with your in-laws, enjoy high-quality, cannabis-infused coffee or morning coffee and CBD, with our delectable High Energy blend.

This product does not contain CBD. CBD oil is sold separately.

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