Delta-8 THC Moonrocks

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CONTAINS THC. May fail drug test.

Strong and potent Delta-8 THC delivery – a popular way to smoke for quick acting effects and high absorption levels. An intense combination of premium hemp flower, rolled in kief, the small 3.5 container of Premium Fortified Delta-8 Hemp Moonrocks packs a lot of punch.

This product produces a gentle, pleasant high, but the psychoactive effects can still overpower users to take too much. Because Moon Rocks has such a high concentration of Delta 8 THC, it's best to start with a very small amount and wait 20-30 minutes before trying more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How strong are delta-8 Moonrocks?

Delta-8 Moon Rocks can be incredibly strong, with potency levels ranging from 30-90% delta-8 THC (300-900mg). These potent nugs are made up of active ingredients and, on average, contain 37.5% Delta-8 THC. Furthermore, Delta 8 Moonrocks are even more powerful than regular Delta 8 THC flowers, as they have significantly more distillates and kief, which gives them a higher potency. 

For those looking for an extra robust and high-quality product, moon rocks are an excellent choice. They are known for their powerful and lucid effects and can provide an incredibly tranquil experience.

How many mg of delta-8 is a lot?

The amount of delta-8 THC that is considered "a lot" depends on the individual's tolerance level. A dose between 5-15 mg per serving is generally recommended for those with low tolerance. For those more experienced with THC or with a higher tolerance, a dose between 15-50 mg per serving may be appropriate. 

Smoking delta-8 THC bud is similar to vaping, with 1-3 puffs being a good starting dose, which is about 1-5 milligrams. 

Consuming delta 8 THC edibles regularly over time can build a tolerance and require higher doses to feel the effects. Ultimately, the best way to know how much delta-8 THC is right for you is to start with small servings and increase as needed.

How long do moon rocks keep you high?

Moon rocks are known to be an incredibly potent and intense form of cannabis. It is commonly believed that moon rocks will keep you high for a much more extended period of time than regular cannabis due to their higher THC content. 

Most people report feeling the effects of moon rocks shortly after inhaling, with maximum results kicking in after around 30 minutes. The products also last long, with many people feeling the effects more than 12 hours. 

This is thanks to the higher-than-usual THC content in a moon rock, which usually contains more than 50% THC. Smoking moon rocks requires a glass pipe and is best done using a hemp wick to keep it lit. So overall, moon rocks can keep you high for more than 12 hours.

Ultimately, the effects of moon rocks will depend on the individual's tolerance and how much is consumed.

Is smoking moon rocks good?

Smoking moon rocks can be a truly unique and enjoyable experience, with dense clouds of smoke and higher THC levels.

Smoking moon rocks can be a fun and exciting way to consume cannabis. But it's important to know that moon rocks are not for everyone. Some people may find smoking moon rocks too intense, while others may not enjoy the taste.

If you do decide to smoke moon rocks, be sure to start slow and go low. That means taking small puffs first and gradually increasing your intake as needed. And always remember to stay hydrated! Moon rocks can be fun and rewarding but are not for everyone. Use your best judgement and be safe!

How to use delta-8 hemp moonrocks?

Delta-8 hemp moonrocks are an incredibly potent and unique form of cannabis. 

To ensure the best experience with your moon rocks, we recommend the following tried and tested approaches:

  1. When using moon rocks, it's essential to use a small amount. This is not a regular hemp flower, so you don't need as much. Using more than necessary may cause you to rethink using moon rocks. Sprinkle some into the bowl of your preferred glass pipe. Enjoy!
  2. Start by breaking the moon rock into small pieces. Place the pieces at the bottom of a glass pipe, and then add hemp flower on top. Be careful not to add too much—a whole bowl is best shared with friends. If you don't usually use glassware, you can only make this type of joint if you have a combination of hemp flower and moon rock. Otherwise, the joint won't be able to stay lit. 
  3. Pack your pipe with half CBD flower and add a layer of moon rock in the middle (about 10% of the bowl). Then, cover it with the remaining hemp flower. This will allow you to enjoy the gentle effects of CBD while still being able to sample moon rocks.

Remember never to grind moon rock since it leaves a sticky residue on the grinder, making it impossible to turn. Instead, try cutting it into smaller pieces.

Don't smoke moon rock on an empty stomach, and stay hydrated.

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