Benefits of CBD Sports Drinks Provide to Athletes

The sports and energy drink industry is worth more than 25 billion dollars. As the industry grows, alternative sports drinks are becoming the preferred energy drinks by athletes. Luckily, with the emergence of CBD sports drinks, the industry is becoming more diverse and inclusive to athletes from all backgrounds. 

Although further research is needed, many athletes also report CBD offers several benefits. This includes lowering inflammation, relieving inflammation, and promoting sleep, both of which are essential for muscle recovery after intense exercises.

In addition, athletes are increasingly utilizing CBD-infused drinks to relax after a long day as a great alternative to alcohol. Even the World Anti-Doping Agency recognizes CBD, removing it from the list of prohibited substances derived from hemp. Keep reading to find all the potential benefits of CBD sports drinks for athletes, proper dosing, and precautions.

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CBD: What Is It And How Does It Work? 

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a type of cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant and is known for its therapeutic properties. It is non-psychoactive, meaning it will not get you high like THC does, and is mostly used for healing purposes. (THC is the main psychoactive component of cannabis and is responsible for the euphoric "high" marijuana is known for.)

Studies indicate that CBD is an effective anti-inflammatory with the potential to address chronic ache, anxiety, and insomnia. It also has the potential to be an antioxidant and neuroprotective, meaning it can protect brain cells from damage. If you need a cherry on top of this already delicious sundae, CBD is perfectly legal in most countries. 

What Are CBD Sports Drinks?

As the name suggests, CBD sports drinks contain the non-psychoactive chemical cannabidiol (CBD). While several CBD sports drinks are on the market, the process of creating them varies depending on the beverage.

Because the CBD molecule is hydrophobic, many companies use mixing processes to ensure that CBD oil and water are combined uniformly and adequately.

Due to its growing popularity, CBD producers are now focusing on developing and marketing novel products such as CBD-infused beverages, edibles, topicals, and other products that make taking CBD easier and more enjoyable. In addition, some well-known food and beverage companies are also attempting to get into the CBD sector. But what's the magic behind CBD beverages?

Well, for one, CBD sports drinks are generally more affordable than other CBD products. They are convenient and straightforward to include in an adult's life and can potentially replace soft drinks. In addition, a quality CBD drink is more likely to improve your day compared to traditional sports drinks.

CBD-Infused Drinks & The Endocannabinoid System

What is cannabidiol's distinct characteristic that makes its products so popular?

The explanation has something to do with CBD's interactions with the brain's endocannabinoid system. Several receptors in this interaction improve mood, stimulate fat loss (metabolism), reduce chronic ache, and raise immunological function.

This system is closely tied to human happiness and well-being. As a result, any chemical directly or indirectly associated with the endocannabinoid system, including cannabidiol, will impact your health.

This is when it becomes clear why CBD and sports drinks work so well together, as exercising can also boost the activation of endocannabinoid receptors. However, some significant questions remain concerning CBD dose and long-term consequences.

Potential Benefits Of CBD For Athletes

There's a lot of demand for CBD products in the sports community since they're thought to have a wide range of benefits. CBD could be an effective part of any athlete's wellness routine from faster muscle recovery to improved focus and sleep. But does CBD do anything specifically for athletes?

On the whole, CBD will:

  • Cultivate tranquility
  • Lead to a good night's sleep
  • Support muscle and joint function
  • Promote healthy skin
  • Cause a relaxed mood
  • Promote mobility
  • Boost Focus
  • Boost Energy

Next, we will discuss some of these potential benefits in detail:

Staying Hydrated

Sugar is necessary for energy, but it can also cause dehydration. The most significant disadvantage of an energy drink is that it includes a lot of caffeine and taurine, both of which cause dehydration. Sugar is the same. Thus, soda isn't a healthy choice for athletes. 

CBD drinks are generally more balanced and provide improved hydration without being excessively sweet. Compared to average sports drinks, CBD beverages contain water instead of sugar and electrolytes. This mix of components will help you fuel your strenuous workout while keeping you hydrated.

Getting Back On Track

Athletes consider cannabidiol beverages because of their discomfort-relieving properties. Further, CBD's discomfort-relieving qualities have been studied extensively over the years, concluding that CBD is, in fact, effective.

There are several reasons why CBD can aid with ache relief. To begin with, CBD interacts with the exact mechanisms that create opioids, potent relievers with morphine-like effects. In addition, many elite athletes believe CBD is a better alternative to NSAIDs.

Second, CBD affects the immune system, particularly regarding inflammation. These anti-inflammatory effects can help athletes with delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) after a demanding activity. They can also help those with conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and joint aches.

Improving Mood And Depressive Symptoms

CBD's influence on mood is another possible advantage of this substance. Throughout numerous studies, scientists have carefully examined how CBD prevents anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

CBD also appears to help with both anxiety and depression and was found to help people relax while publicly speaking. Moreover, physiological tests revealed that the CBD impact was perceptual, with individuals feeling more physically balanced.

This is partly due to CBD's effects on the veins, which make it easier for blood to flow easier. This is also how CBD lowers patients' blood pressure.

As you can see, cannabidiol can interact with brain serotonin receptors, a chemical in the brain that can improve your overall mood.

Better Night's Sleep

Even if CBD sports drinks for athletes aren't your preferred pre-bedtime beverage, they may help your sleep. As we mentioned, CBD can help you relax, contributing to a quick and effective post-workout recovery. It can also reduce anxiety and promote relaxation, improving sleep quality. 

Additionally, CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce the inflammation and soreness that can interfere with restful sleep. By promoting muscle recovery and reducing inflammation, CBD sports drinks for athletes can help them get more hours of rest and enjoy a deeper, more restful sleep.

CBD Sports Drinks: Current Status 

In recent years, CBD has received much more attention in professional sports. With so many well-known players from the worlds of golf and the NFL embracing CBD, it's no surprise that amateur athletes and professional fitness enthusiasts are noticing it too.

Almost all athletes put their bodies under a lot of pressure, leading to injury and aches. Current athletes' recovery techniques are effective but have downsides. For instance, ice baths are a popular recovery technique among athletes. However, it can lead to hypothermia and further muscular damage if not done correctly. Therefore, athletes seek better recovery and discomfort relief, and CBD therapy is the answer.

CBD Sports Drinks Are Here To Stay

The popularity of drinks containing charcoal and other nutrients has risen and fallen dramatically. But the holy grail of good health is always in consumers' minds, and finally, something permanent has arrived. 

The CBD industry is saturated with drinks, tinctures, topicals, and cosmetics due to the legalization of the hemp plant and hemp-derived CBD products. With the recent boom in the popularity of CBD products, these items are only becoming easier to find and purchase. 

CBD sports drinks now have their kingdom in CBD products and will soon become market staples. As a result, beverage manufacturers around the globe should keep a close eye on this exciting emerging revenue generator. Cannabis beverage sales in the United States are estimated to reach 1.4 billion by 2023. The emergence of the wellness industry, which promotes mental and physical self-care for customers and athletes, aligns perfectly with the rising demand for CBD sports drinks.

Are CBD Sports Drinks Safe?

In terms of safety, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not yet approved CBD for use as a dietary supplement, but it has approved some products containing the compound for medical use. Despite this, CBD products are generally considered safe for human consumption, and CBD sports drinks are no different.

You may still be worried about CBD's undesirable consequences for users. But note that it's scientifically impossible to form an addiction to CBD or other hemp derivatives. However, it is probable to become addicted to sports drinks containing huge amounts of sugar or caffeine.

So keep track of your sugar consumption, whether you're an average sports drink fan or a CBD enthusiast.

Things You Should Know Before Buying CBD Drinks

There are some practical questions you should ask yourself before experimenting with a CBD sports drink. The following CBD tips will help you find the best product for your specific needs:

Consider The Proper CBD Dosage

The proper dosage of CBD will depend on a few factors, including your body weight, the severity of your symptoms, and the concentration of CBD in the product. First, it is important to consult with a doctor or other healthcare professional to determine your proper dosage. Always read the product label closely to ensure that the CBD content of the product is consistent with your needs.

Ideal Product Ingredients

Ideal CBD ingredients should be all-natural, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly. They should also be effective and safe for use without potential negative side effects. Additionally, hemp-derived Cannabidiol (CBD) should be sustainably sourced and cruelty-free to ensure ethical and responsible production.

Third-Party Tested CBD

No government agency is responsible for evaluating CBD drinks and other CBD products. Therefore, companies have taken the matter into their own hands by having their drinks tested by independent CBD testing labs.

This means that an independent laboratory has tested the product to verify that it meets the highest standards of purity and potency. It also ensures that the product is free of contaminants and that it contains the amount of CBD stated on the label.

Ideally, you can find the lab report for CBD drinks (or other CBD products) without too much trouble. The easiest way is to go to the brand's website. You will find copies of the lab reports on the product page or in a dedicated website section.

Customer Reviews When Buying CBD Drinks 

Reading customer reviews can help you get an idea of the quality of a CBD drink and what kind of results people have experienced. Reviews can also provide insight into the drink's taste, effect, and other aspects that you may not be able to determine from the product packaging alone.

How Much CBD Does Your Drink Contain

We recommend CBD beverages that contain at least 2 mg of CBD per serving.

Of course, more isn't always better. However, if you take a milligram (or less) of your drink, you'll likely receive nothing more than a placebo.

As a matter of fact, your body needs a large amount of CBD, with a good balance of potency and flavor. You’ll waste your money if you use too little CBD, and will struggle to finish your drink if you use too much CBD.

Which Kind Of CBD Is In Your Drink?

There are three kinds of CBD oil used in CBD sports drinks. Full-spectrum CBD is frequently the first option for handling a small amount of THC. Isolates are commonly selected by those seeking absolute safety, and broad-spectrum products are best for consumers looking for a wide range of options in one product.

  • Full-Spectrum CBD: There are about 100 cannabinoids in this CBD extract.
  • CBD full-spectrum refers to all 100 cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant, including tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Therefore, full-spectrum products could be worth considering if you desire THC in your CBD oil. However, it's wise to avoid this product if you are a world-class athlete drug tested or screened for THC; since this form of CBD can contain over 0.3 percent THC.
  • CBD Isolate: CBD Isolate comprises only the CBD cannabinoid, separated from the other cannabinoids in hemp. CO2 extraction removes the remaining cannabinoids from an isolate. If you're only seeking CBD for medical purposes, CBD isolate is an excellent choice. However, you might lose the advantages of experiencing the "entourage effect" with other cannabinoids and flavonoids found in cannabis.
  • Broad-Spectrum CBD: Broad-spectrum CBD comes between CBD isolate and full-spectrum CBD. THC is eliminated from broad-spectrum CBD products, maintaining all cannabinoids and flavonoids. With this removal, you get the best of both worlds: all hemp's advantages without psychoactive side effects.

What Other Ingredients Your CBD Drink Contains

When looking for CBD beverages, consider the non-CBD ingredients as well. For example, vitamins, amino acids, and minerals work better with CBD than with a tablespoon of sugar. These additional ingredients can help your body absorb CBD more efficiently and increase its effectiveness. Additionally, they can help to balance out the flavor profile of the beverage, making it more palatable.


CBD sports drinks are slowly taking over the CBD sector. Although different CBD beverages are available, not all are meant for professional athletes. So when shopping for one, exercise extreme caution. 

We understand that buying CBD products can seem like a game of Russian roulette; you don't know what type of CBD beverage you'll get until you pull the trigger. But it doesn’t have to be like that - not while you shop from Fusion CBD

When you buy CBD from us, you can rest assured that you're obtaining the highest quality locally farmed CBD possible. Our CBD products are FDA-approved, GMP-certified, and legal in all 50 states. Fusion CBD supports athletes on their journey to perfection.

CBD has a redefining capacity to boost athletic performance, energy, and attention. Moreover, it takes recovery to the next level, whether you're a casual gym-goer bulking up for beach season or a professional UFC fighter training relentlessly every day!

CBD Sports Drinks For Athletes FAQ

How Do CBD Sports Drinks Help Athletes? 

CBD sports drinks can help athletes in a variety of ways. CBD appears to reduce inflammation, helping athletes to recover quickly from strenuous workouts. CBD has also been linked to improved focus and concentration, which can benefit athletes who need to stay focused during competition. Additionally, CBD can reduce stress and anxiety, allowing athletes to stay calm and composed in high-pressure situations. Finally, CBD can improve sleep quality, which is important for athletes who need adequate rest to perform at their highest level.

Are CBD sports drinks legal? 

Yes, CBD sports drinks are legal in all 50 states in the US as long as the CBD is sourced from hemp. Hemp-derived CBD is legal under the 2018 Farm Bill, which removed hemp from the Controlled Substances Act. While some states have their own regulations, hemp-derived CBD products are generally legal as long as they contain less than 0.3% THC. 

How do I know what ingredients are in a CBD sports drink?

CBD sports drinks typically contain a variety of ingredients. Common ingredients include water, electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals. Some drinks may also contain natural sweeteners like honey and stevia, as well as flavors and aromatics. In addition to these ingredients, CBD sports drinks typically contain CBD isolate or broad-spectrum CBD extract sourced from hemp. 

When shopping for CBD sports drinks, it's important to read the product labels to ensure you get a reliable product. It's also important to ensure that the CBD sports drink is third-party tested, as this will ensure that it is free from contaminants or toxins and contains the correct amount of CBD stated on the label.

How much CBD will I get from a CBD sports drink?

The amount of CBD in a CBD sports drink will vary depending on the product. Generally, CBD sports drinks contain anywhere from 5mg to 25mg of CBD per serving. It is important to read the product's label to determine how much CBD is in each serving. Additionally, the amount of CBD that the body can absorb will depend on factors such as body weight and metabolism. For this reason, it is important to consult with a healthcare professional to determine the ideal dosage for your body.