CBD Products For Muscle Pain Relief Review

Here are the best CBD creams you can use to deal with any form of physical pain

With its recent rise in popularity, the world is only now getting to know of all the health benefits that come with the cannabinoid that is Cannabidiol (CBD). Ever since research had been pumped out on large scales by scientists worldwide, the entire world is getting keener to use the hemp extract in various ways by pumping out the hemp extract into so many different forms of products. Recently, a unique CBD product to come out is topical CBD products, which also have a lot of talks about whether these products are worth a person's time, considering the market for CBD products is quite saturated with different methods of ingestion. 

Luckily for you, we have set out to put an end to all the discussions and misinformation that is spreading around about the new CBD product, as we have carried out our tests to see whether or not these products are as reliable as they claim to be about dealing with muscular and joint pain.

However, since the market of CBD topicals alone is flooded with various brands, products, and sub-products for specific parts of the body, getting down to finding the best CBD topical has become a more complex problem to unravel, much more than we had initially anticipated. Despite all the variety-associated issues we had to face, we have managed to put together a small list of some of the best CBD topical products that are certainly worth their price and don't pull up short on the claims they make. This was a difficult task to set out for, as differentiating between the good and bad was quite tricky with all minor discrepancies between products. Still, we assure you that this list shall not contain any item not worth your time, as we have even thrown all average and below-average yields out the window into the pile of atrocious products.

How Does CBD Cream Provide Pain Relief?

Before we get onto the best CBD topicals you can get your hands on, let's learn a little about how they can help to reduce muscle aches, as well as joint pains. When you feel the pain sensation, your body's endocannabinoid system kicks into action with its CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors getting into gear. These two receptors are alerted to the area of the pain and set out to respond by creating a balance when pain or itchiness arises. The cannabinoid that is CBD, when applied, takes effect by bypassing the two receptors mentioned above and, instead, directly accessing the neurotransmitters in our body that block out pain signals, and thus, acts much in the same way as other cannabinoids such as THC, but without providing any of the unwanted psychoactive effects.

Research has even shown that CBD can block out any signals sent to a CB1 receptor altogether, making CBD creams all the more promising. Many research investigations have shown that CBD topicals certainly alleviate both acute and chronic back pain, thus making the cannabinoid potent and non-addictive treatment for medical conditions that come with chronic pain. These CBD topicals can even be used for alternative traditional prescription painkillers or other medications prescribed to treat pain conditions. 

The Usefulness of CBD Cream For Dealing With Pain Relating to Nerves

For people suffering from the detrimental effects of nerve damage, CBD has been proven to provide a form of symptomatic relief. Patients using CBD to treat nerve damage claimed it reduces pain in pains initially described as severe, itchy, stabbing, and cold. Another positive to come from the use of CBD for the treatment of neuropathic pain was that there were no adverse effects noted of using CBD, with the only notes being that of CBD helping to relieve pain, as well as any uncomfortable form of sensations, just as the results you would find from traditional neuropathy.

CBD has also been shown to help relieve inflammation-related pain, and scientists are continually on the lookout for finding new and unique methods to apply CBD to our bodies. Alongside finding new techniques, they are also trying to figure out the proper doses of topical CBD required for all the different classes of people and other types of problems to alleviate a person's pain most safely and quickly. 

An example of this would be that a person who is seeking to treat pain caused by muscle aches due to having sore muscles would need a substantially lower dose to treat their sore muscles than someone who is seeking to treat an intense pain that is caused by nerve damage, who need a larger dosage of CBD, or a more extensive application of topical CBD cream. It has been proven that those suffering from arthritis pain or any form of arthritis-related pain had significantly decreased their levels of pain and inflammation when they applied CBD topically. Thus, it also reduced any discomfort that the arthritis-induced pain had caused.

More Studies On CBD Creams

While researchers have found it quite valuable to apply CBD topical creams to irritated skin for soothing relief or to use it as a form of nerve pain management, scientists are still conducting studies to determine the efficacy of these topical products.

Menthol happens to be another form of chemical that also happens to come with pain management and soothing sensation properties. It's is often found to be another one of the organic and natural ingredients found in CBD topical products. Thus, Menthol enhances all the cooling sensation and other pain managing properties that CBD comes with, overall making the product much more robust.

While all of the studies that have been conducted on CBD topical cream, as well as other products such as topical CBD salve, have been conducted upon animals and have, more or less, been limited to that, there has been an increasing amount of research being conducted to prove how effective CBD topical products are for targeted pain relief as well as for alleviating pain in a variety of setting such as cancer-related pain, chronic pain relief, and even to relieve minor aches like sensitive skin pain sensations.

What Should You Consider When You Are Buying CBD Creams

Like with many hemp-derived CBD products, when you are going out to buy some topical CBD solution or an organic CBD salve, there are several factors you should consider about the topical CBD creams before you buy them. You should ensure that the CBD oil that the CBD cream is made from high-quality hemp plants. CBD oils are one of the leading organic ingredients found in all CBD products. CBD oils derived from hemp are often used to make CBD products ranging from CBD oil tinctures to CBD edibles. CBD oil tinctures are made by combining CBD oil with a carrier oil such as coconut oil or jojoba seed oil. However, coconut oil is the most popular carrier oil, while edibles are made by infusing CBD oil into certain food products.

Another thing you should consider before buying topical CBD cream. You should carefully check the manufacturer's history to get an idea of their reputation and whether or not they send their products out for third-party lab testing. It would help if you also made sure that the products they are sending out for third-party lab testing have the results of the lab tests available publicly for anyone to view and authenticate to ensure they are honest and accurate. 

Is The CBD Legal?

Another factor you should consider is where the hemp that the topical CBD cream was made from is grown, as you should only choose hemp that is produced within the U.S. as that would mean that the CBD is developed according to national standards as well as guidelines, essentially, meaning that the CBD within the products is confirmed to be legal and regulated by federal laws. Buying CBD cream, made from regulated laws, ensures that the CBD cream you get is made from high-quality CBD.

Is it Broad Spectrum CBD, Full Spectrum CBD, or CBD isolate?

Another consideration you will have to make is deciding what type of hemp oil you want in your CBD pain cream. One of the types of CBD pain creams you could get is the full-spectrum CBD cream made of full-spectrum CBD oil, which comes from full-spectrum hemp extract. Another form of CBD pain creams is the broad spectrum CBD cream formed through a similar process as the full spectrum cream. However, instead of using full-spectrum CBD oil, broad-spectrum CBD oil is used.

The last of the types of 'CBD creams for pain' you can get your hands on is the one made with CBD isolate, which is THC-free. CBS isolate is formed by hemp plants going through several processes in which all other cannabinoids aside from CBD are removed from the final product, thus making the CBD isolate THC free and free of all other organic ingredients found within the original plant matter. The CBD cream for pain made from CBD isolates is also referred to as THC-free CBD creams as they contain none of the many other natural ingredients from the original plant.

What Will You Use It For?

One of the final factors to consider before you go ahead and buy CBD pain creams is what you will use them for. If you want CBD creams for pain relief from achy muscles, you could find relaxation from the cooling effects produced by CBD relief sticks.

If you used CBD creams for pain relief from in and around your head, you would better go with a CBD face cream.

Another one to consider is if you are an athlete who is always at risk of spraining a muscle or an ankle, you could always keep CBD sports cream handy to relieve yourself of any pain caused by sports injuries or muscle soreness after a workout.

The Best CBD Cream for pain relief is the one that can alleviate pain regardless of what specific body part needs pain relief. The best CBD creams can deal with everything from back pain, to muscle pain, to dealing with irritated skin and even sensitive skin. This type of CBD cream for pain mitigation can also provide relief from chronic pain.

Why Full Spectrum CBD and Broad Spectrum CBD products are Better Than Isolates

As previously mentioned, full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD products contain some other plant material from the original hemp plant. The full spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD products were initially derived.

Unlike the broad-spectrum CBD, a full spectrum CBD product would contain all of the original cannabinoids and terpenes from the actual plant matter, providing the CBD cream user with pain issues a much more comprehensive and, overall, better effect than broad-spectrum CBD.

However, a broad-spectrum topical cream product is better than an isolate as it still contains some other cannabinoids found in the original plant matter. Whether that may or may not include THC varies depending on the CBD cream.

An isolate product is guaranteed not to contain any form of THC or any of the cannabinoids and terpenes in the original plant material from which the hemp was extracted. This type of pain relief cream is often devoid of all the benefits you could get from a CBD cream for pain mitigation on the spectrum, as there are no other cannabinoids that can work in synchrony to create the entourage effect. The entourage effect is the effect that can enhance the abilities of any cannabis product.

Take Notes on Its COA

When you are inspecting the Certificate of Analysis, or COA for short, of any CBD product, cream or not, you should make sure that the product passes all of the tests that relate to things such as pesticides, heavy metals, and moulds.

Suppose the Certificate of Analysis states that a particular product has not passed the previous tests. In that case, the CBD product is most likely to contain some form of harmful ingredients, which would prove to be white hazardous if they were to be ingested or even absorbed through the skin by way of a CBD cream for pain mitigation purposes.

Another set of considerations you could make when choosing to go ahead and buy a cream product would include the likes of the manufacturer's process, whether or not the manufacturer of the product is reputable, all of the certification or awards they have received to prove the authenticity of both, their work and products.

You should also be keeping an eye on the potency of the product that you are choosing to buy, regardless of whether or not the product is a cream or not, as going wrong when choosing potency is a mistake that can lead to some very detrimental effects. If you are suffering from joint pain, you should consult a medical professional for the right amount and strength of CBD cream to mitigate the joint pain. The amount and power of a CBD cream required to minimize joint pain could vary from person to person based on several factors. Thus, every individual looking to treat the pain in their joints should go ahead and consult a medical professional themselves to get a personalized recommendation based upon their body's needs.

More severe pains would require a lot more cream, or maybe even a much more robust product to mitigate the pain, while a person going through a day-to-day recovery process after an injury of sorts could be treated a lot more easily with the help of some lower concentration creams.

While checking out the potency of a product, make sure you read through the product's ingredient list as well. If you want to know whether or not the product is of good quality, the ingredient list will undoubtedly answer that question in more ways than one. The rest of the ingredients on the list should provide complementary effects to CBD, such as the Menthol mentioned above, and include some more botanical chemical compounds, all of which are known to be natural. The complementary effects of the additional ingredients to that of the impact of the CBD will ensure that the product you get is not only quick to function but also very soothing with minimal application.

How To Use CBD Cream?

As you might have already guessed by now, a CBD cream is topical in nature, and thus, meaning you have to apply it to your skin as you would with any other cream. The best part about going for a CBD cream for pain mitigation purposes is to use the cream directly to the area that needs nourishment or relief. An example of this would be that if you are experiencing any form of arthritic pain on your knees, then you can go ahead and add a little cream to the palm of your hand, rub it a bit between your hands and then, finally, apply it all over your knees.

If your hands are affected by arthritic pain, simply take some CBD cream and rub it on your hands everywhere. From your palms to the back of your hand and up to the fingertips. While rubbing the cream everywhere on your hand, be sure to focus all the rubbing of the cream around the joints of your hand as those are the places where you are most likely to experience the arthritic pain most strongly.

There are certain CBD creams out there that are specifically formulated with the help of other botanical ingredients to be easier on delicate skin, such as sensitive patches on your body or the skin on your face. At the same time, there is also the other genre of creams that are also more readily available, general-purpose creams intended to be used on every part of your body. You can apply this second genre of readily available creams to all the cracked or irritated parts of your skin, and you can thoughtlessly use them over any joint or muscle which is in dire need of pain mitigation.

Often you will come to find that the best CBD cream products are the ones you can use as often as you would like without a thought on the amount you apply. Many users of CBD creams, who use them very frequently, have made a habit of using them after showers to help with pain mitigation after a long day of hard work or a strenuous gym workout session. You should apply it generously whenever you need pain mitigation. However, you should make strides to ensure that your skin is clean and dry before you go about using any amount of CBD cream on your body. The process of ensuring that your skin is clean and dry before the application is helpful to keep in mind every time you want to apply any amount of CBD cream as clean and dry skin would ensure that you get the most benefit out of the cream, as well as, help to ensure rapid absorption.

If the CBD cream you are using comes with a warning of an added cooling ingredient, such as the Menthol mentioned above, you should be very careful when going about and applying the cream. In cases where you find yourself with a CBD cream containing this specific warning, you should make sure that you go ahead and start slow when applying the cream, as well as someplace small so you can ensure you are comfortable with the CBD creams effects before you start using it abundantly and regularly.

If you have skin issues that increase the sensitivity of your skin, you can go about using a CBD cream product by a method known as spot testing. In the procedure, you simply apply a small amount of cream, the size of a small spot, to one of the sensitive parts of your skin and wait for any adverse effects such as discomfort. If you feel no form of pain after a while has passed since application, then you can comfortably go ahead and begin using the CBD cream in whatever area of your body you like to help treat any painful, itchy, or dry areas of your body.

Top CBD Creams To Try

Charlotte's Web Topical Formulas

One of the best companies out there to get your CBD products from is Charlotte's Web. Every one of the CBD products they put out is consistently considered the 'top of the line' and best product available in that regard. It made sense to try out their CBD creams, and the results were not at all disappointing.

To begin with, a lot of the products that this company offers are of the broad spectrum range of CBD extract. Thus, you can be sure to expect a little help from the entourage effect when using the cream to help better your experience. They also sell some organic hemp-infused cream that also contains CBD. Another one of their products is the CBD-infused herbal balm. Across all their CBD cream lineups, there were little to no negative reviews, and an overall positive rating as the user base of the products highly approves of them.

Moving forward, let's discuss their cream products that were mainly intended for pain mitigation purposes. The application process for all of their mitigating pain creams is straightforward to do. As previously mentioned, all you will have to do is go ahead and apply as you would with any other cream product. The simple application process is pleasant to have as it leaves no room to worry about learning curves and lets the user apply the product directly.

Furthermore, the formulas and ingredient lists that get used for the manufacturing of their cream products are all found to be very effective for pain mitigation purposes. These products are most effective when used to treat things such as neck pain and arthritic pain. These cream products even have the added benefit of producing a cooling effect when you use them, making them more helpful in quickly relieving pain and soothing the affected areas.

All of their CBD cream products, or hemp infused cream products, contain somewhere in the neighbourhood of 150 milligrams of hemp extract within them. This put through some more calculations gives you 300 milligrams of CBD per ounce of cream. In addition to all this, all of their products are known to be completely free of parabens, artificial dyes, synthetic fragrances, and allergens, as well as a handful of other hazardous elements you wouldn't want to be applying to your skin.

Jay Organics CBD Creams

The cannabis product manufacturing company 'Jay Organics' offers two leading CBD creams that all their fans know and love. Both of these products have very high consumer reviews as well as excellent critical reviews. They, much like Charlotte's Web CBD cream products, are made with a broad spectrum hemp extract, and thus, you can find yourself befitting from the same entourage effects as you would have in the previous products mentioned above.

The two options you can choose from for Jay Organics are their regular CBD cream and their more athlete-focused sports cream. Each of the CBD creams comes in a package containing anywhere from 250 milligrams to 400 milligrams of CBD, which is plenty for anyone looking to use the product extensively. The application procedure for the Jay Organic products is as simple as the other mentioned above products. All you have to do is apply the cream to your skin.

Being a top-rated and highly rated company, they live up to their reputation of only providing their consumers with the highest quality hemp products available in the market. What makes them a fantastic option for most consumers is how affordable their pricing is compared to their competitors.

Do You Want To Try Out Some of The Best CBD Cream Products That Money Can Buy?

If you are searching for some of the best CBD products in all of North America, you can stop searching and instead head over to 'Fusion CBD' right now to take care of all your CBD needs.

Their products are made from the highest quality materials out there as they are all made right here on U.S. soil. All of their products are regulated, meaning you won't have to be worrying about finding THC in any of your CBD products. In addition to CBD, they also sell other cannabinoid products, including CBN and CBG.

Their product lineup covers all times of use. Whether you want to use your CBD products during the day or at night, they will undoubtedly have the best product for you to use.

All of their products are legal in all of the U.S. and Canada, and you can be sure to have the best experience with their CBD products as they are all made from full-spectrum CBD extract. The full spectrum extract will help you enjoy the entourage effect meaning you will find relief from all your medical issues a lot sooner than if you were to try out some isolate. A benefit of shopping with them is you get a thirty-day money-back guarantee, where they give you back all the money you spend on a product back to you if it didn't turn out as you expected it to. They will have all of your money returned without asking a single question.

You can head over to their website right now to try out two of their most sought-after products, which are highly regarded across the globe. Those products are the "CBD Intensive Relief Rub (2000mg)" and other CBD Muscle and Joint Relief products.

Once again, if you are looking for the best place to sort out all of your full-spectrum CBD product needs, then you can stop looking and head over directly to Fusion CBD.