CBD Safety: Fusion CBD Products are Tested by USDA Approved Laboratories

CBD Safety: Fusion CBD Products are Tested by USDA Approved Laboratories

The 2018 Farm Bill opened up a whole new world of opportunities for cannabis and CBD manufacturers. The bill has allowed industrial hemp production to be regulated by the USDA, which created a certification process for hemp growers and processors.

When it comes to cannabis and CBD products, understanding the importance of USDA approval makes a dramatic difference. Today, a certification denotes safety and the quality of the product. The USDA organic certification shows that hemp is grown without harmful pesticides and contains superior extracts.

To achieve this quality standard, manufacturers must follow strict guidelines to test their products before approval. This means that the CBD must have a full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes to ensure that it is safe for human consumption.

The process of achieving USDA approval can be challenging, and only a few manufacturers have accomplished this arduous task. However, those who have been successful are reaping the benefits of this coveted approval.

As a key player in the CBD category, Fusion CBD continues to invest in both the safety and quality of all its hemp CBD products. USDA-approved laboratories test each premium Fusion CBD selection to ensure customers only get the highest-quality CBD on the store's shelves.

What is the USDA Approval Process?

Under the 2018 Farm Bill, the USDA developed a regulatory oversight program to ensure the quality and safety of locally-produced industrial hemp. Once a grower or manufacturer has been licensed, they can qualify for certification under the National Organic Program (NOP).

HOWEVER, the USDA approval process is a big hurdle only a few can accomplish. To successfully obtain a USDA Organic certification, manufacturers must ensure their processes and products meet the strictest standards and protocols.

Here's a very brief summary of what's done during the approval process:

  1. The agency will check for the use of pesticides. As of December 2019, the EPA has approved 59 pesticides for hemp production — 58 of which are considered biopesticides.
  2. The agency will test your products for bacteria, heavy metals, and other contaminants to ensure they're safe for public consumption.
  3. They will inspect your facility to make sure all processes meet its standards. 
  4. The USDA will also require a complete description of your products, from seed to sale. This will include information about the variety of hemp used, extraction methods, and cannabinoid profile.
  5. Once the business or grower has been evaluated, they will give you their seal of approval, which will let consumers know that your products are safe.

Why Does it Matter for Cannabis?

Obtaining USDA approval is essential for any cannabis or CBD manufacturer looking to enter into the mainstream market. The process is rigorous and expensive, but it's the only way to ensure your products are safe and compliant with federal law.

USDA Approval ensures that your products are safe for consumption

The agency has stringent guidelines, and they will not give their seal of approval to any product that does not meet their standards. This is important for cannabis and CBD products, as many companies out there do not care about the quality of their ingredients.

USDA Approval gives consumers peace of mind

More and more consumers are looking for USDA-approved companies because they want what's best for their health. Certification gives them peace of mind knowing that they are buying a product that has been tested and approved by one of the most well-known agencies in the world.

USDA approval makes weed products legal

USDA approval is essential in cannabis and CBD products, as many companies are trying to get around the rules by selling their products illegally. Whether using pretense or hiding behind questionable marketing practices, many growers still find ways to distribute potentially-harmful cannabis.

Only USDA-approved brands can legally sell dietary supplements, oil, and other products that contain hemp extract! The same goes for products that contain other cannabinoids as well.

About Third-Party Testing for Cannabis

As marijuana products become increasingly popular, ensuring they meet customer expectations becomes essential. Products that contain hemp extracts need to be tested by a third-party laboratory for several reasons.

Ensure overall product safety

Because of rising demand, many growers take advantage of agrochemicals to mass-produce hemp. Pesticides and fertilizers can easily backfire since these substances often survive the extraction process.

Adding salt to the wound, the Cannabis sativa plant is a natural bio-accumulator. This means it can easily absorb any contaminants it comes into contact with — including heavy metals and organic chemicals. By testing the products for these contaminants, manufacturers can ensure that they are safe for human consumption.

Guarantee products claims

Many CBD companies do not disclose crucial information like how their hemp is sourced and what processes are involved in making the finished product. Unfortunately, there remains a lack of regulatory oversight to prevent such substandard practices.

Without proper testing, customers may be unwillingly exposed to a product that does not work as intended — or worse, something that harms them. A Certification of Analysis (COA) can help dispel customer fears by ensuring the claims made by the company are accurate and without error.

Determine THC content

The chance of containing traces of THC is still present, as CBD is derived from hemp plants. Whether they know it or not, many farms produce hemp extract containing THC well above the legal limit (0.3% total THC). Third-party CBD testing can ascertain whether the final product does not go beyond the THC threshold.

Lab Testing by Third-Party – How It's Done

When undergoing third-party testing, cannabis growers or product manufacturers send samples to an independent laboratory to analyze their CBD products. This crucial step measures the quality of the product by determining the following:

  • Does CBD product contain contaminants, toxins, or even impurities like THC?
  • Does the packaging accurately describe the nature of the CBD product?
  • What other substances or active compounds are present in the CBD product? Are they listed as well?
  • Is the CBD product suitable for sale in a retail environment?

About GMP Certification for Cannabis

GMP is a quality management system designed to minimize the risks of a production process. A GMP certification means that the organization meets the quality and testing required by relevant regulatory authorities.

National regulatory agencies have established GMP guidelines to ensure that products meet safety standards for food, medicines, and other consumer goods worldwide. GMP compliance is mandatory for any company wanting to import or export goods from one country to another or from one area to another in their home country.

GMP certification is specified to be essential for producing cannabis and CBD products. This ensures that the cannabis and CBD products are made under a certain level of quality, safety, and authenticity.

It also puts the product in a position to be considered an authentic and safe product. This process will also show that their products have undergone the necessary checks to ensure their quality, safety, and efficacy.

Fusion CBD: 100% Safe and Guaranteed To Satisfy

Fusion CBD offers a wide array of CBD products to support the ever-growing CBD culture in North America. Each selection fits seamlessly into the lifestyle of every active American — from the sidewalk strollers to competitive athletes. Fusion CBD products offer unparalleled wellness benefits that everybody deserves to enjoy.

Fusion CBD has partnered with FDA-registered and GMP-certified hemp facilities to guarantee the highest-quality plant compounds in the market. Each cannabidiol (CBD) selection is made from 100% organic, non-GMO, and THC-free extract. Furthermore, all Fusion CBD items are gluten-free and vegan-friendly.

Third-Party Lab Tested and USDA Approved

All Fusion CBD Products – including CBD oil, creams, and capsules – have undergone strict third-party lab testing by USDA-approved Hemp Analytical Testing Laboratories.

Lab testing is done via HPLC analysis to gauge the consistency of purity of each product. The results have resulted in some of the best hemp CBD products for sale in the US today.

For the Florida-based company, meeting customer demands for more 'Fusion anything' parallels addressing concerns. Fusion CBD continues to work meticulously with the USDA to ensure that every selection meets the highest regulatory and environmental standards,

Fusion CBD is committed to providing all Americans access to top-quality, proprietary hemp products that are 100% safe to consume — and 101% guaranteed to satisfy. With more hemp products under development, Fusion CBD continues to solidify its position as a leading figure in the CBD industry.

Experience the Difference with Fusion CBD

Fusion began as a small CBD-infused coffee business in Miami, Florida, a few years ago. As demand skyrocketed, we found ourselves expanding our range of CBD goods quickly. Today, our Fusion line includes all things weed: from full-spectrum topicals to broad-spectrum CBD capsules and everything in between!

Our laser focus on quality and safety has made us one of the top CBD companies across all of North America! So if you're looking for premium hemp CBD products, then look no further!

Fusion CBD takes pride in the quality and safety of all its products. That's why we use only USDA-approved laboratories to test our hemp CBD extracts for contaminants. We want to ensure that our customers are getting the highest-quality product possible.

With rigorous safety standards and total transparency into our manufacturing processes, you can trust us to provide you with the highest quality products possible. Our CBD products are FDA-registered, GMP-certified, and fully legal in all 50 States!

We source only 100% organic hemp grown in the United States. You can rest easy knowing that you're receiving the highest quality, locally sourced CBD available on the market with us.

If you have any questions about our products and how we test them, don't hesitate to contact us to get those concerns answered. Also, check our shop and discover our excellent CBD offerings.