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Does CBD Suppress Appetite?

As the new year comes, losing weight stands at the top of many people's resolution lists. You plan a healthy low-calorie diet, sign up for the gym, and even lock away all the junk foods.  

But as the weeks go by, you find it to be harder and harder to stick with this strict lifestyle. Ice creams have never seemed tastier, and working out is just too difficult. And before you know it, you're back with your unhealthy lifestyle.

But what if there was something to help you maintain your diet and reach that weight goal? Well, there might actually be one. CBD oil, the new trend in the health and fitness world, appears to be a beneficial supplement for weight loss.

Over the past couple of years, many studies have been done on the potential effects of CBD, and some actually suggest a connection between this substance and appetite. But does CBD suppress appetite or does it increase it? And can it help with weight loss?

Here, we'll discuss the important matter of CBD and weight loss in depth, and we'll see if a tasty treat like Fusion CBD Vegan Broad Spectrum CBD Gummies - Elderberry can actually help you lose weight.

But first, What is CBD?

If you have only heard about CBD from your friends, you may be wondering how it is any different from cannabis. In short, CBD is only one of over 200 chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant.

CBD, along with THC, are two prominent substances of cannabis. However, unlike THC, CBD is not intoxicating, meaning it doesn't share the psychoactive effects of the former.

That being said, not all CBD products are legal. According to the 2018 Farm Bill, dispensaries are only allowed to sell hemp-derived CBD products containing less than 0.03 percent THC. 

That said, CBD laws are constantly changing. So the best way to be sure is to check your state's law before making any purchases. 

How Does CBD Oil Work?

CBD affects our bodies by interacting with our endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system is a complex network of receptors, enzymes, and lipids responsible for creating and maintaining the body's homeostasis (balance).

Due to different factors, sometimes ECS doesn't function well, resulting in various problems including, low energy levels, anxiety disorders, low sleep quality, mood swings, increased appetite, and more. 

By binding to CB1 and CB2 receptors in this system, CBD helps us both feel and live better. Moreover, by interacting with enzymes in our bodies, CBD supports the process of  breaking down anandamide, which has an effective role in reducing pain, anxiety, and depression.

CBD Weight Loss - What Do the Studies Reveal?

As mentioned above, cannabidiol works by affecting our endocannabinoid system. The essential role of ECS on our metabolism and appetite has dragged many scientists' attention to the potential effects of CBD on weight loss. 

By arguing that different forms of pain are one of the reasons beyond obesity, a 2015 study suggests that CBD can be effective in reducing pain and reducing body fat. Moreover, several animal studies have shown that CBD weight loss products can help balance appetite resulting in weight loss.

Below are some of the main ways that CBD affects the process of weight loss:

Reducing Appetite

To answer the question “does CBD suppress appetite?” Even though CBD attaches to CB1 and CB2 receptors, the connections are not stable. So, although CBD products can help balance our appetite, it may not be as efficient as we would like. 

Boosting Metabolism

Recent studies have shown that CBD can interact with other receptors in the body, including the TrpV1 capsaicin receptor. 

Capsaicin is the component found in spicy foods which is effective for reducing appetite and increasing calories burned in these types of foods. Thus, due to its interaction with capsaicin receptors, CBD may deliver similar benefits as well.

Research has found that CBD products can actually increase metabolism in animals. Although the mechanism is not yet clearly understood, researchers believe it can be related to capsaicin receptors.

Burning Fat 

Some studies suggest that CBD can help weight loss by increasing the process of fat burning. Generally speaking, our bodies contain two types of fat cells, white fat cells, and brown fat cells. 

White fat cells are those associated with obesity, and chronic illnesses including heart attack, and stroke. On the other hand, brown fat cells are the more active type of fat, which help burn off energy. 

A 2016 study found that CBD can help a process known as “browning fat”, during which, white fat cells convert into brown fat cells. Moreover, this study also suggests that CBD oil may also help the body to break down fat cells more efficiently.

Although these studies show that CBD products can be a promising option for preventing obesity, more human studies are necessary.

Reducing Anxiety 

It's no surprise that anxiety and depression are among the leading causes of obesity. Many people turn to high-calorie foods as a way of comfort in difficult times.

On top of that, studies have found anxiety to be a main reason beyond eating disorders such as binge eating and bulimia. By reducing anxiety and stress levels, CBD can help individuals develop healthier eating habits, which directly affect weight loss.

Improving Sleep Quality 

Multiple studies have shown that lack of sleep can directly cause weight gain. When feeling drowsy and tired, our brain is more likely to make bad decisions. Lack of sleep dulls the brain's activities, which leads us to make more impulsive decisions like eating a whole tub of ice cream.

By interacting with our endocannabinoid system, CBD improves our sleep pattern, helping us sleep easier and better. Better sleep equals better eating choices, faster metabolism, lower appetite, and eventually, a healthier lifestyle.

Helping Post-Workout Recovery 

The key to successful weight loss and more importantly, a healthy body is regular exercise. Aside from the various benefits of CBD for weight loss, its related products have proven to be effective supplements for your workout sessions too.

A recent study suggests that CBD can reduce pain and inflammation in joints or muscles, and it may be helpful for reducing delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). 

CBD Appetite Suppressants 

So now that you have learned about the different ways that CBD helps weight loss, you're probably wondering what are some good CBD appetite suppressants. Here we'll go through some of the best CBD products you can use to help you look better and feel better.

CBD Oil and Tinctures 

Tinctures are the most well-known CBD products in this market. Their ease of use and availability has made these products a perfect option for everyone who wishes to enjoy the many benefits of CBD and weight loss. 

Fusion CBD Pure Broad Spectrum CBD Oil is a specially formulated product, made by crossing the full spectrum and CBD isolates oil. Simply put a few drops of this tincture under your tongue, and wait for its fast-acting effects. If you're not keen on the taste, you can also add it to your tea or salad.

Pure Broad Spectrum CBD Oil | Fusion CBD

CBD Gummies

CBD edibles are now one of the most popular products among CBD users. With hundreds of varieties, the CBD market is colorful with tasty edibles infused with CBD oil.

Fusion CBD Vegan Broad-Spectrum Elderberry CBD Gummies are made specifically for our vegan friends who look for a mouthwatering beneficial snack. These products are made with full-spectrum CBD oil enhanced with  Zinc, Vitamin C, and Vitamin D3.

You can read more about these delicious gummies on our blog, vegan CBD Gummies: What You Should Know and Where to Find Them?

Elderberry Broad Spectrum CBD | Fusion CBD

CBD Capsules 

These next categories of edibles are less tasty but just as beneficial as their sibling, CBD gummies. CBD capsules are a great alternative for those looking for a convenient way to incorporate CBD into their daily diet.

Whether you want to lose that stubborn belly fat, or you just want some aid to get in shape for summer, Fusion CBD Pure CBD Appetite Suppressant Capsules is your absolute go-to. Using green coffee beans, leaf extract, and caffeine, these capsules are the perfect supplement for your weight journey.

Pure CBD Capsules for Weight Loss | Fusion CBD


CBD Water

The key to having successful weight loss is a healthy diet and regular exercise. Working out helps you burn extra calories and gain muscle which improves your overall health. Today, many fitness experts recommend CBD as an effective post or pre-workout supplement.

Formulated specifically for athletes, Fusion CBD sports Water is an energizing mineral that helps you stay focused during your workout session, and recover faster. 

This CBD water contains electrolytes, olive oil, sunflower lecithin, natural hemp oil extract, potassium sorbate, vitamin E, and citric acid, all of which contributes to enhancing mental clarity, and reducing inflammation.

CBD Sports Water | Fusion CBD

The Optimal CBD Dosage for Weight Loss

Most reputable companies include comprehensive instructions for use on their products. However, if you still find yourself confused about the best dosage, a good rule of thumb is to start small.

Although CBD is known to be a highly safe substance, there is always a chance you feel discomfort using these products. So start with a small dosage, track how you feel, and then adjust the dosage accordingly.

Different factors can determine the optimal dosage, this includes:

  • The potency and purity of oil
  • Your BMI
  • Your goals
  • Your body chemistry

The Safety and Side Effects

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), CBD oil is safe and it has minimal to zero side effects. That said, CBD still may cause mild discomfort in some people such as fatigue, nausea, and drowsiness. 

CBD can also lead to negative interactions with different medications. This includes heart medications, antidepressants, and more. So if you're using any pharmaceutical drugs, make sure to consult a doctor before using CBD products.

On top of that, research shows that using CBD oil with foods rich in fat can cause higher absorption of the substance. This can increase the effects and side effects as well.

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Bottom Line

In this post, we tried to offer a comprehensive answer to the question “Does CBD suppress appetite?”. As we mentioned above in detail, the mechanism by which CBD oil reduces appetite is not yet fully understood.

That said, multiple studies suggest a strong connection between CBD and weight loss. CBD can boost your metabolism, increase fat burning, reduce anxiety, and improve sleep which results in an optimal weight loss journey.

Today many people are using one of many forms of CBD to improve their health and day-to-day life. If you still have questions regarding CBD for weight loss, you can check out our blog and learn more about When To Consume CBD For Weight Loss.

Does CBD Suppress Appetite FAQ

Is CBD good for you to lose weight?

Multiple studies have found CBD products to be an effective aid for weight loss. CBD interacts with our endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for maintaining many bodily functions including appetite.

By enhancing the efficiency of this system, CBD suppresses appetite, boosts metabolism, and reduces anxiety which eventually leads to a more efficient weight loss process.

What is the best CBD for losing weight?

Unfortunately, there is no correct answer to this question. Today, there are many CBD weight loss products available in the market. Depending on your preference, and your condition, you may find one product more suitable for you than the others.

While CBD edibles are easy to use and offer a larger variety, tinctures deliver quick effects, which may be what some look for in a CBD product.

Can CBD help with weight loss?

CBD can help with weight loss in many direct and indirect ways. By binding to CB1 and CB2 receptors, CBD affects our ECS, and helps maintain our homeostasis, which means less stress, better sleep, enhanced mood, and less appetite.

Does CBD reduce appetite?

CBD delivers its effects by interacting with our endocannabinoid system which has an effective role in our appetite and metabolism. When cannabidiol attaches to the receptors in this system, ECS functions better, which can cause reduced appetite.

Moreover, CBD products can affect insomnia and anxiety levels as well. By improving these conditions, which are among the leading causes of overeating, CBD suppresses appetite and helps weight loss.