3 Upcoming Virtual Cannabis Events You'll Want to Attend

While we may be getting tired of staying home all of the time, there are certain benefits to everything being virtual these days. One great perk is that we can attend events all over the world. No need to Google search “cannabis conference near me.” Whether it be a concert in Asia, or a conference in Italy, we are literally able to be everywhere at once. There are so many great cannabis events and conferences that happen all over the world each year. And now we can attend them all! Here are 3 can’t miss upcoming cannabis events in 2021 for you to check out. 

1. Future Cannabis Strategies Europe (March 23-24)

Have you ever wanted to go to London? Here’s your virtual opportunity. The Future Cannabis Strategies Europe is taking place in London, UK this year and is sure to be a well-attended virtual event bringing together business leaders from across the wider European Consumer-Facing Cannabis products category together with solution providers for 2 packed days of discussions and debates. These thought-provoking discussions will centre on how manufacturers can better understand the need for education surrounding cannabis in medical and consumer concepts, identify opportunities where cannabis/hemp could be used in existing products (like coffee for example!), review innovations in the industry, and more. While it is Europe-centric, it will also look at the future of cannabis through the lens of Canada, Australia, and the USA who are currently leading the  cannabis market. This is bound to be an interesting cannabis conference not to miss!

2. Entering Cannabis (Weekly Virtual Summit Series)

Entering Cannabis is a weekly virtual summit created for everyone from aspiring Cannapreneurs to physicians and health professionals to consumers. The webinar series, which begins Wednesday, March 24th, is free to attend and promises to give valuable and actionable insight into the current and future landscape of cannabis across many areas of the industry. There are specific weeks dedicated to topics such as the global landscape of cannabis, licensing, cultivation, edibles, dispensaries, and delivery, for example. The summit also gives people an opportunity to network with others in the industry such as investors interested in budding entrepreneurs, or those thinking about getting into the industry, like aspiring entrepreneurs looking for a co-founder or investor. The variety of topics and the fact that the series is free makes this a virtual event one to mark on your calendar!

3. Medical Cannabis 101 (April 9)

Are you new to the concept of using cannabis for medical purposes, or maybe you just want to learn more about it from a physician’s point of view? This “Medical Cannabis 101” virtual event promises just that. It will be led by Dr. Hetal Patel, an Investigational Drug Pharmacist at Lurie Children’s Hospital, who has 12 years of clinical experience. The webinar promises to begin with an understanding of the basics of the cannabis plant, its history, and then get into the science behind its medical and recreational use. Attendees will leave with knowledge of the endocannabinoid system, and the current place of cannabis in therapy 

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