The Health Benefits of CBD Water

The Health Benefits of CBD Water


If you’re looking for a fresh way to get your CBD fix, or all the creams and oils on the market aren’t your bag, you can now get your CBD infused in water.

Whether you’re a pro athlete, weekend warrior, or living that sedentary life, you probably drink water. For people that aren’t looking for anything more than the effects of CBD, there’s no easier, non-invasive way to get your daily dosage (besides taking CBD in its purest oil form).

Plus, you’ll get all the benefits of water, which we’re sure you know is sort of good for the human body.

CBD Water Science

Typically, oil and water mix as poorly as my extended family mixes with wine (things get real). Thanks to a bit of science, CBD and water have become one.

To successfully merge the two ingredients, manufacturers employ a unique form of nanotechnology that emulsifies CBD particles with another water-soluble compound. This creates an antioxidant-infused water that has evenly dispersed contents of CBD.

This technique is leveraged from another branch of nanotechnology focused on making certain drugs more effective through better absorption.

CBD Water Benefits

Besides the individual health benefits of CBD and water, the combined forces of CBD water affords:

  • Better bioavailability – this means your body can more readily absorb antioxidants and nutrients you put into your body, immediately boosting red blood cells, nerve cells, the heart, etc.
  • Antioxidant-rich – thanks to both antioxidant content, and the ability to absorb them easier through enhanced bioavailability, your immune system receives a boost.
  • Tastes like delicious...water – if you don’t like the taste of CBD, CBD water is the easiest way to get it in you, since it tastes like…water. Who hates the taste of water?
  • Inflammation relief – the CBD compound has proven to be a potent anti-inflammatory for both neurological and autoimmune conditions. In other words, virtually anyone can benefit from CBD water.

Thirsty? Fusion’s own CBD water is coming soon to our online store and two new retail locations in Fort Lauderdale and Sunny Isles Beach. To get your CBD fix for now, check out our selection of CBD products.