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Full-Spectrum CBD Lubricant for Libido 300mg

Meet your new bedside table go-to. Whether you want to spice things up or just enhance your sensations in the bedroom, this water-based CBD lubricant is designed to increase the sexual experience for both partners. Promote relaxation and ramp up pleasure with this libido-enhancing CBD lube. You have to feel it to believe it!



CBD has multiple benefits in bed for both partners. With 300 mg of full-spectrum CBD per bottle, this CBD lubricant helps to reduce stress and can relieve discomfort for those who experience discomfort during sex. For those wondering how to use CBD oil for erectile dysfunction, Pleasure is also an easy and unique way to use CBD for ED. This CBD lubricant is the perfect way to set the mood and enhance enjoyment. 

CBD Lubricant Benefits:

    • CBD for better sex: Pleasure is formulated with libido enhancers
    • CBD lubricant helps relieve physical discomfort associated with sex
    • More than an oil, and more than a gel: Pleasure is an experience
    • Water-based, alcohol-free CBD lube moisturizes delicate skin in intimate areas
    • CBD lube can be used instead of CBD oil for erectile dysfunction 

CBD helps to regulate hormone health and sex drive by binding to the body’s endocannabinoid system. CBD lubricant helps to increase libido, produce heightened sensations and reduce discomfort during sexual enounters. It can also help in preparing the body and mind to better enjoy sex thanks to its stress-reducing properties.  

All Fusion CBD products are sourced from FDA-registered and GMP-certified facilities in the USA.



Does full-spectrum CBD lube make a difference?

Lubricants are designed to reduce the amount of friction during sex. They are made of slippery substances such as oil, water, or silicon. But other substances can be added to the lubricant to add more benefits, such as preservatives or aroma.

CBD lubricants are also lubricants containing CBD. It has been shown that CBD has  analgesic properties, so adding CBD to lubricants can help reduce the discomfort some people experience during sex. 

Besides that, it's thought that CBD might help sustain a healthy microbiome for women's reproductive tract.

CBD lube won't give you extraordinary results like a considerable size enhancement or explosive orgasms. Still, it can make a big difference for people who experience ache or irritation after sex. 

Is full-spectrum CBD lube edible?

Lubes are generally safe to ingest in small amounts, but you should refrain from ingesting lubricants in large quantities.

Most lubes are made from ingredients like water, oil, or silicone which won't cause any harm if you swallow them. Despite being safe to ingest, oil-based lubes can cause diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting if eaten.

Water-based lubes are safest to swallow; however, silicone-based ones won't cause problems if ingested in small amounts. 

CBD lubes are also safe to swallow. You won't be in danger if you ingest a tiny amount of CBD lube. To be safe, check the label first and see if there is any warning or information regarding the lube being edible.

You should be aware that THC lubes, if ingested, can get you extremely high, and since full-spectrum CBD lube contains a trace amount of THC, you should be extremely cautious. 

What are the benefits of CBD lube?

CBD can have multiple benefits for men and women in bed. These potential benefits include:

  • Reduce stress
  • Enhance libido and pleasure
  • Relieve the physical discomfort, especially for those who experience discomfort during sex
  • Helps with erectile dysfunction

It is reported that some women might experience heightened sensation and better orgasms after using CBD lubes. 

How long does CBD lube take to work?

CBD lubricants act on localized skin receptors, so you should feel the effects quickly. 

But how much it exactly takes for CBD lube to work depends on a few factors, including the type of CBD lube you use, the amount you use, and your body chemistry.

As a rule of thumb, CBD lube takes around 15-30 minutes to work. This is due to the fact that it takes a little while for the CBD to be absorbed into the skin. In order to ensure that CBD lubricant is effective, it's best to apply it between 30 and 20 minutes before your encounter.

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