Premium CBD Isolate Oil (1000mg)

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Pure CBD Isolate Oil 1000mg for Sale

At near 100% purity, Fusion's CBD isolate oil is arguably the best and most potent CBD product for sale today, making it the premier option for aiding soreness, leveling stress and enhancing well-being. 

Because of its refined nature, CBD isolate tinctures are preferred by those who contrive their own personal CBD remedies; the near-100% purity makes it simple to calculate precise CBD isolate dosages by the milligram. Depending on your physical and psychological needs on a given day, you can increase or reduce the CBD isolate oil dosage in your morning coffee, tea, or preferred beverage. 

  • Organic hemp CBD oil at near 100% purity
  • Flavorless and odorless, making it ideal to mix or infuse with your favorite drinks or foods
  • More control over dosages 
  • Potential for higher CBD potency per dose 
  • Lower cost/milligram

Ingredients: Hemp derived Cannabidiol (CBD), Fractionated Coconut Oil (MCT)

Directions: Shake well. Take 1ml (approx. 30 drops) per day under the tongue for 30 seconds, then swallow.

Post-workout CBD isolate dosage: Take 15-30 drops under the tongue in the evening after a meal to improve sleep and muscle recovery.

Benefits of CBD Isolate

  • Purest CBD, no psychoactive compound (THC).
  • Ache relief
  • May reduce soreness
  • Can help focus and clear mind (*Good for work or studying)
  • Can help improve the function of neurotransmitter 
  • May help regulate : appetite, sleep/wake cycle, mood)
  • May help maintain healthy CB1 and CB2 brain receptors of central nervous system 

The Best CBD Oil for Athletes

Athletes endure higher stress on the body – both mentally and physically – which leads to soreness that your endocannabinoid system isn’t equipped to handle, rather than popping an Ibuprofen with potential side effects, we recommend an all-natural alternative. 

  • CBD for stress – CBD products are being trusted more and more by health practitioners and the general public for stress-relieving properties. With CBD oil, athletes can say goodbye to race-day jitters and the physical aftermath of a grueling run or workout.
  • CBD for sleep – A better night’s rest is often the first thing people notice when taking CBD. Good sleep is essential to athletic performance, enhancing recovery time and effectiveness whether you’re recovering from injury or a particularly tough workout.
  • CBD for energy – Interacting with the ECS, CBD acts as an adaptogen, knowing what your body needs and providing the right response, whether that’s calming the mind or recovering from exhaustion.
  • CBD for nausea – CBD oil can help alleviate gut issues as well as interacting with your serotonin receptors to reduce nausea. Finally, you won’t have to worry about a wonky stomach come game- or race-day.


Please consult a physician or licensed health care professional before using pure CBD isolate oil. If any adverse reactions occur, discontinue use and consult your doctor. Keep out of reach of children; product not intended for individuals under 21 years of age. Do not use while pregnant or nursing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is CBD oil considered addictive?

No, research has shown that CBD has no addictive potential. Studies have demonstrated that CBD alone is not addictive or abuse-prone, despite chronic cannabis use potentially increasing dependence risk.

However, additional research is required to specify the long-term effects of CBD usage.

Additionally, Preliminary studies have suggested that CBD may even have beneficial effects on addiction-related neurotransmission systems. 

Is isolated CBD oil safe for dogs?

Yes, CBD is safe for dogs, and you can give CBD oil to your dog without concern. While there are potential side effects and worries, like with any medication, CBD oil has no known adverse side effects when administered to dogs.

Generally, mild side effects such as lethargy or clumsiness may occur. Still, these are rare and should subside after a few weeks of taking CBD. 

But remember that THC is considered toxic for dogs and should be avoided entirely as long as you are sure that there is no THC in your CBD oil. It can be given to your dog without any risk. Since CBD Isolate is the most refined option, containing only pure CBD and no THC or plant matter, making it the safest option for pets. THC-free, you should be able to give it to your dog without any problem.

Additionally, there are a variety of CBD dog products, including CBD dog oil, on the market that are specifically formulated for dogs. 

Is there a best method to take CBD oil?

When it comes to taking CBD oil, there is no single ‘best’ way to do so. 

CBD oil can be taken in many different ways. While each method has its own advantages and disadvantages, research suggests that inhalation and sublingual administration are the most effective. 

Sublingual, or ‘under the tongue,’ absorption is a popular and easy way to take CBD oil. You can do this by placing one or more drops of oil under the tongue and holding it there for 30 to 90 seconds before swallowing. 

This method allows the CBD to go directly into the bloodstream, allowing for a quicker onset of effects. Other ways to take CBD oil include adding drops to drinks, vaping, or smoking it. Ultimately, the best way to take CBD oil will depend on personal preference and desired effects.

Can I use CBD oil and drive?

Using CBD oil as directed is perfectly legal and safe to use while driving. A small study showed that CBD may not have much effect on driving or impairment. It is very important to be aware of the presence of THC in CBD products, as this can lead to trouble. 

When taking CBD oil, it is recommended to take precautions and take only the recommended dosage to avoid any drowsiness or other side effects. All in all, CBD oil should not impair driving, but it is always best to be over-cautious and make sure you are driving safely.

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