An Introduction to Cooking with CBD Oil

An Introduction to Cooking with CBD Oil

Perhaps you’ve heard all the buzz about CBD oils in the media and were wondering what sorts of ways you could use them and to see for yourself if any of the claims are true.

After all, there are all sorts of potential benefits of CBD, ranging from anxiety relief to improved sleep.

There are also 101 ways to use CBD, and just as many products. There are edibles, tinctures, topical CBD oils, even CBD vapes.

One of the most interesting ways to get started is to try cooking with CBD oil, and the best part is it’s not as hard as it sounds.

Here’s your primer.

Why Cook with CBD Oil in the First Place?

There are countless reasons to give cooking with CBD oil a try if you’re interested in some of the benefits, not the least of which is the impressive nutritional profile of CBD oil.

For one, CBD contains all 20 amino acids, 9 of which are essential. These are complex proteins that our bodies use to build and repair tissues. CBD also contains different terpenes that give it unique flavors, and lend them to the dishes you make with it.

In addition, CBD also contains a rich nutrient profile, with vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, and B9, vitamin E, and a wide range of minerals, including but not limited to potassium, magnesium, zinc, copper, and iron.

If that weren’t good enough, CBD oils are usually also rich in healthy fats.

Are There Other Benefits of Cooking with CBD Oil?

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Cooking with CBD oil may also offer other benefits, most of which are already well-known. CBD oil is believed to help some users cope with feelings of stress, unease, and anxiety. Some also claim it can help them fall asleep more quickly and sleep more deeply, and get more restful sleep overall.

For others, taking CBD as a supplementary part of their diets is about inflammation relief. Some believe that CBD can help with arthritis and discomfort associated with chronic inflammation. For others, CBD is about its athletic benefits, as CBD is believed to help mitigate muscle soreness and accelerate muscle repair.

Plus, cooking with CBD oil gives you a way to consume it orally and mask the earthy flavor, if you so wish. Some people do not appreciate the flavor of CBD oil so including it in delicious recipes gives you the best of both worlds.

Tips for Cooking with CBD Oil

There are lots of easy ways to get started cooking with CBD oil. The best advice we have is to look up some recipes online. There are lots of great recipes for soups, sandwiches, hash browns, puddings, and sweets like pancakes, brownies, and cookies.

And, when you’re just starting out, here are some top tips for cooking with CBD oil.

  • Do not directly heat CBD. Heating CBD oil will change its chemical composition and can adversely affect some of the potential benefits mentioned in this article.
  • If you are cooking, and the reciple allows it, remove the food from the oven or stovetop and mix in the CBD oil at the end. This will protect the CBD oil from the heat.
  • Try a no-heat CBD recipe. If you’re not comfortable cooking, there are lots of no-cook CBD recipes available, such as smoothies, shakes, salad dressings, guacamole, and so much more.
  • Use a carrier oil. CBD is fat-soluble, so adding it to olive oil (or whatever oil you’re cooking with) before making a dish can be a great way to get it to mix properly with the other ingredients.
  • Try it with coffee. Another great way to enjoy CBD oil by incorporating it into your diet is to mix it with your morning coffee.
  • Try it sublingually. Some of our CBD topical products can also be taken sublingually. You don’t need to cook if you don’t want to; just take a few drops as indicated in the CBD Drops product listing.

How Much CBD Oil Should You Use? Is It Possible to Use Too Much?

A good rule of thumb, if cooking using a CBD oil recipe, is just to use the amount of CBD oil that the recipe calls for, and apply it as indicated in the directions.

Be patient with expected effects, because CBD oil (and foods prepared with it) will affect each individual differently. Start with a small amount if you’re not comfortable and up the dosage from there.

At the same time, you should have peace of mind knowing that CBD is not psychoactive and it is effectively impossible to use too much, so feel free to experiment. Just be aware that the more you use the more powerfully it will flavor the dish.

Topical CBD Oil

Much More Than Topical CBD Oil

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All of our products are third-party tested and certified to guarantee consistency and purity. If you’re looking to introduce some CBD products into your cooking to experiment with the potential anti-inflammatory or anxiolytic effects, look through our catalog and get in touch with us for more information if you need assistance. You can reach us at