CBD and Coffee: How to Get the Most Out of the Combo

CBD and Coffee: How to Get the Most Out of the Combo

While combining CBD with tobacco is not 100% compatible, infusing coffee with CBD is highly recommended and becoming increasingly popular these days. 

Savvy CBD consumers mix CBD oil with caffeine (the main ingredient of coffee), making the combination much more than just a marketing trend. Integrating CBD oil into coffee has various health benefits. 

For example, CBD oil can reduce anxiety, which can, in turn, alleviate many unwanted side effects of coffee – including hyperactivity and stress.

Fusion CBD Coffee Packs are excellent options to avoid caffeine's unwanted side effects.

This article will examine everything you need to know about consuming CBD oil with caffeine. We'll also discuss CBD dosing and provide tips and tricks about how the combo can improve focus and productivity.


What Is CBD?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a cannabis compound (cannabinoid) found in hemp and marijuana (Cannabis Sativa) plants. THC is another marijuana cannabinoid most people are familiar with because it's the plant's main psychoactive component.

But CBD isn't psychoactive and doesn't make you feel "high." CBD is suggested as a potential remedy for various ailments; for example, it can reduce pain and anxiety.

Why Is CBD Good for Anxiety?

CBD can affect the serotonin system, and the interaction can be associated with alleviating anxiety. Scientific studies about this interaction are new (perhaps a few decades), and we need more studies on humans to comprehend it fully.

But early results indicate that CBD has anti-anxiety properties. It's also suggested that CBD may reduce nervousness and cognitive impairment in patients with social anxiety in a simulated public speaking task.

Coffee's Effects - A Story About Caffeine

Coffee is a beloved stimulant worldwide, with its main component, caffeine. Caffeine is responsible for coffee's ability to enhance focus, making it the #1 boost on the planet. Tea is another popular drink that contains caffeine. 

No other (legal) stimulant can potentially compete with tea and coffee.

Today's world requires that we use creativity and productivity at work, home, school, and so on. This demand has made people turn to caffeine because it can help considerably. Coffee is indeed trendy, but it's far from perfect, considering its different unwanted side effects.

Why Does Coffee Raise Anxiety for Some People?

  • Increasing stress hormones: Some people experience anxiety and stress after drinking caffeine, which can be amplified when consumed too much. Excessive use of coffee can lead to increased heart rate, blood pressure, and stress hormones. Sometimes, it can double the stress hormones cortisol and epinephrine concentrations.
  • Affecting neurotransmitter balance: Consuming coffee usually has desirable effects, including enhanced focus, innovation, and performance. Two chemicals – dopamine and acetylcholine – are responsible for these effects. 

On the other hand, the stimulant can hinder the neurotransmitter GABA, which is associated with happiness and relaxation, so low GABA concentration in the brain can lead to heightened anxiety.

  • Causing sleeplessness (insomnia): Drinking coffee can make things worse if you have difficulties sleeping. Getting a well-needed sleep at night (between 7-9 hours) is vital to the brain and body. 

During a well-needed rest, debris and toxins are washed out, and new substances are produced to replace them throughout the body. When you consume coffee just before bedtime, the sleep cycle will be disturbed, making the well-needed sleep more difficult.

Please also note that caffeine is often added to over-the-counter drugs, such as pain relievers, to make them more effective. However, it can increase the number of side effects in asthma medications, mood stabilizers, and some antibiotics. Choose your drug of choice wisely.

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All Stimulants Have Side Effects, Including Coffee

If you're a coffee lover, you're likely familiar with the side effects. Caffeine can sometimes make us feel fidgety and nervous. Sometimes, people think their heart is about to pound out of their chest or skip beats. 

These unwanted side effects can reduce performance, which is precisely the opposite of why people take coffee.

And this brings us to the effectiveness of CBD, which is the best solution for removing or reducing these side effects. Combining CBD with caffeine allows the user to get the most out of the two compounds and avoid undesirable effects. Below are the most significant benefits of taking coffee with CBD oils.

CBD Can Improve Cognitive Alertness

CBD can noticeably improve mental alertness, which can be amplified with caffeine use. These two substances similarly interact with some of the neurotransmitters that regulate important functions in the brain. 

Adenosine is one of the neurotransmitters that regulate mental alertness in the brain.

As more adenosine accumulates, the neurons start to send messages at a much slower pace. As a consequence, we feel exhausted and drained. Caffeine can hinder adenosine and reduce its effects by attaching to the receptors. And as a result, the receptor can no longer do its job. This will keep us awake when we should, in theory, feel tired.

CBD products, including oil, provide various benefits due to their interaction with adenosine. But these are more challenging to understand than those of coffee. There is some evidence that this substance can also directly improve the efficiency of the adenosine receptors.

There is an urgent need for more research to understand how CBD can enhance caffeine-induced alertness.

    Experience Prolonged Effects Of Both CBD and Coffee

    What if the effects of caffeine or CBD could last longer? We have some good news: you can achieve these prolonged effects if you mix them.

    Did you know that your liver is responsible for processing almost everything that enters your body? This includes those compounds that have to be eliminated from the body. Your liver contains some enzymes that decompose drugs, cell byproducts, and other compounds in the blood. 

    Caffeine and CBD have similar structures; therefore, the same enzyme in the liver gets involved in processing them. And when the concentration of CBD and caffeine exceeds some threshold, or when there's a sudden increase, the liver can no longer process them alone.

    The metabolism slows down, and the effects of CBD and caffeine will last longer to some extent, which you can notice!

    Why Do People Add CBD Oil To Coffee?

    The combination of coffee and marijuana is one of the oldest ones people have used for a long time. The main component of coffee is caffeine, which has many benefits; it can make us feel focused and awake because it's energizing and uplifting. 

    While caffeine can make some of us anxious, CBD has calming and relaxing effects-- almost for everyone. And when combined, CBD and caffeine can balance each other and make the best pairing.

    There's even more: It's suggested that CBD can reduce caffeine-induced headaches. If you start your day with this excellent combo, you'll stay focused, creative, and productive for many more hours, not to say during the whole day.

    Use CBD Oils to Make CBD-Infused Coffee & Desserts

    People have recently started to see the benefits of mixing CBD with their desserts and morning coffee. 

    For example, did you know that you can make the Halloween Season more fun by bringing Pumpkin Spice Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil and French Vanilla Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil into your recipes? There are even gummies, CBD-infused cookies, and CBD chocolates available that can double the fun for consumers. 

    But one of the most exciting ways to use CBD is to mix it with your morning coffee. But you don't have to do it yourself-- it's already done for you. All you have to do is to brew your coffee as always simply-- you'll get a perfect combination of CBD and caffeine.

    Remember that this method has only one slight issue: it's not easy to say how much CBD you take with your coffee if you need to monitor the CBD level. Although reputable manufacturers usually measure the CBD content and display it accurately on the package, it's only an estimation. 

    Remember that the best CBD-infused coffee packs contain high-quality, full-spectrum hemp extracts (excluding THC) with the best coffee beans. You may also see CBD coffee packs with decent CBD extract, but the coffee isn't high quality. Therefore, you should find CBD coffee packs from providers that use the same quality CBD and coffee.

    Our Recommended CBD-Infused Coffee Packs

    High Energy CBD-Infused Coffee Pack: If you're more of a coffee-and-a-joint type, this gourmet coffee infused with the included full spectrum CBD oil will do the trick.

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    Adventure CBD-Infused Coffee Pack: Offering bold, earthy, and subtly sweet notes, this coffee provides a balanced pick-me-up that won't leave you feeling jittery or drowsy. 

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    Coasting CBD-Infused Coffee Pack: If you need to wind down from a long day at work or too much excitement, Fusion's evening blend of Coasting gourmet coffee is best for you.

    Coasting CBD-Infused Coffee Pack

    Key Takeaways: Mixing Coffee With CBD Oil 

    There are many reasons for mixing CBD oil with coffee, whether in the morning, afternoon, or evening.

    Caffeine and CBD are suggested to work in the body synergically. A few minutes after consuming CBD coffee, you'll feel alert and more focused. The combination can also slow down the rate at which these compounds break down, allowing them to induce their desirable effects slowly and for a more extended period. 

    Moreover, coffee is considered the largest source of antioxidants. So, when you consume CBD and coffee together, your DNA and cells are protected. This process supports healing and protects against aging.

    CBD can counteract many side effects that are associated with caffeine. Anxiety and jitteriness are among these unwanted effects. The cannabinoid can also play a key role in preserving neurons because CBD is suggested to boost cell regeneration and ultimately enhance learning and memory.

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    FAQs About CBD Coffee

    Here are the most frequent questions that might also be helpful for you:

    Can I Put CBD Oil in My Morning Coffee?

    Yes! If you don't like the taste of CBD, you can mix it with your morning coffee, as it can disguise the taste of the oil. You can use CBD oil with coffee or tea by incorporating it into your favorite drink or by using a pre-infused CBD coffee. But anyways, if you plan to infuse your coffee with CBD oil, here's what you can do.

    1. Pour your favorite beverage. 
    2. Stir 2-3 drops of CBD oil or tincture into your coffee to mix it more easily. To be more precise with dosage, you can use an eyedropper. If you've never used CBD before, we recommend starting low and going slow-- perhaps a 10-mg CBD content is a good starting point.
    3. Sweeten your coffee with honey or sugar for a tastier option.
    4. Add milk, butter, or coconut oil. While this step is optional, it allows for better absorption of CBD. Fat can increase the bioavailability of CBD, meaning that your body absorbs it more efficiently.
    5. To combine the components, stir the coffee vigorously. Oil is not soluble in water, and they don't mix well. So it's natural if your CBD oil rises to the top of your coffee or tea. 

    Can You Drink CBD In the Morning?

    No one can claim there's a right or wrong time to drink CBD. You can take it in the morning without any drowsiness or in the evening without worrying about sleep difficulties. CBD, like any other cannabinoid, affects people differently.

    If you're suffering from a medical condition, incorporating CBD into your favorite beverage isn't the best method to get CBD therapy to its highest potential; you'll first need to consult with your healthcare provider for that. But CBD coffee can be a good option if you're healthy and want your morning fix but are just a bit on edge– Get up in the morning and enjoy the CBD and caffeine combo!

    What Happens When You Drink CBD Coffee?

    Ben heard a lot of misinformation about CBD oil and the trendy opportunity to cash in with a crowded market that wants to make a quick buck. He was also unhappy with the cultural stigma (fading but still present) surrounding marijuana and any of its byproducts. 

    Once, he was chatting with the owner of his local coffee shop. After having long discussions about CBD, they decided to go through countless blogs. But those studies cited along with casual anecdotal evidence weren't enough for them- they were critical and wanted authentic proof. 

    Then they decided to break through and prepare their first taste of CBD-infused caffeine. Do you know what happened after they drank one CBD latte (coffee, almond milk, and 15 drops of CBD oil)? These were the effects:

    • Relaxed
    • No headache
    • No nausea
    • No anxiety
    • No shakiness/ jitters
    • Didn't crave another cup of coffee
    • Balanced
    • Calm 

    So, if you don't have any medical conditions, you'll likely feel like Ben after drinking CBD coffee.

    Does CBD Coffee Give You Energy?

    Coffee, or caffeine in general, has been shown to increase serotonin receptors and their sensitivity, ultimately contributing to an enhanced mood and perceived increase in energy. CBD is also known to alleviate sleep disorders. 

    We all know what it feels like to work tired from a restless night. CBD can help you get a good night's rest and enhance your focus the following day. CBD coffee gives you energy and lessens the effects of anxiety, allowing you to focus on the task.