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Is CBD Addictive?

Is CBD Addictive?

Discovered in 1940, CBD is not a newly isolated compound. However, it had only started to become more popular over the last few years, when the hemp industry started to fight the stigma around Cannabis. CBD - a non-psychoactive compound found in the Cannabis sativa plant - has several medicinal benefits that have remained hidden for too long because individuals are still skeptical about this substance.

Yet, CBD does not have psychoactive effects - nor is it addictive. Because of the stigma surrounding the use of Cannabis in wester medicine, some of the benefits of this plant are still undiscovered - but new research studies are promising! Here is all you need to know about the properties of CBD, and you can put your doubts to rest.

What Is CBD?

CBD - also known as Cannabidiol - is one of the over 400 compounds that are naturally found in the Cannabis sativa plant. CBD is also one of the most studied cannabinoids of Cannabis, alongside delta-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Derived from the hemp portion of the Sativa plant, CBD does not cause psychoactive effects, but it has been seen to have significant medicinal effects. While both CBD and THC are processed from the same plant, they are highly different compounds, both from a chemical composition and effects point of view. 

How Is CBD Different From THC?

As we have seen, CBD is one of the most prevalent active compounds in Cannabis, alongside THC. THC is the compound known to deliver “high” - or psychoactive effects. THC also produces other psychophysical effects, including increasing heart rate and affecting appetite. Instead, CBD only offers physical benefits, including reducing pain, inflammation, and anxiety. According to recent studies, CBD does not show any dependence potential nor exhibits evidence of a potential public health issue. 

Is CBD Addictive?

There are only limited studies on the effects of cannabinoids on humans, and many of their benefits are still unknown. However, CBD does not produce intoxicating effects, nor has it been seen to lead to an addiction. 

CBD does not offer a potential for abuse because it does not create the “high” or sense of euphoria commonly associated with THC. For example, when consuming CBD products, indicators such as cognitive function, heart rate, and blood pressure remain unaffected. 

Additionally, recent studies have shown that a controlled dosage of CBD can help people struggling with drug addiction and ease its symptoms. 

What Effects Does CBD Have?

As seen above, CBD does not cause addiction and can be safely used to potentially manage several health conditions, including chronic pain and arthritis. There are not many human studies on the properties of CBD, but some benefits have come to the surface, also thanks to the personal experience of individuals with certain health conditions. 

Here are only some of the benefits of CBD. 

Can Reduce Drug Addiction 

Not only is CBD not addictive, but it can also potentially assist with certain drug use disorders and ease some existing addictions. Recent studies have shown that a controlled dosage of CBD can help reduce the development of cocaine and methamphetamine addictions. And, in individuals already suffering from drug use disorders, it can reduce the symptoms and limit relapses. 

Here are some of the findings of recent studies:

  • CBD can help individuals fight the downsides of THC, including withdrawal symptoms
  • CBD could be an alternative for cannabis dependence
  • Cannabidiol can reduce addiction to other addictive substances, including opioids and tobacco
  • CBD can reduce drug use in individuals who have developed an addiction
  • In animal studies, Cannabidiol has been seen as helpful in reducing the side effects of drug addiction, such as anxiety, aggressiveness, cravings, and impulsivity

CBD Can Reduce Anxiety

Currently, limited studies have started to show the benefits of CBD in easing anxiety. However, the results are promising, and individuals provided with the Cannabidiol reported positive effects. 

CBD might help reduce anxiety from social situations, mental illness, drug dependence, or chronic pain. A side benefit to this effect is that CBD can improve sleep quality, allowing individuals to feel more rested and improving cognitive functions. 

Reduces Chronic Pain

Around 50 million people in the US suffer from chronic pain, and just under a quarter of them experience pain so severe that they actively interfere with their daily lives. Currently, no long-term solutions for chronic pain exist, and pain-management alternatives - such as opioid-based medications - can just temporarily ease the symptoms. 

In recent studies, the effects of full-spectrum CBD have been seen to help individuals cope with the pain, sleep better, and reduce inflammation. In turn, the studies found that a controlled dose of CBD can help people with chronic pain regain a high quality of life and return to their normal lives. 

Can Ease Epileptic Seizures

Worldwide, over 50 million people are believed to experience epileptic seizures in their lifetime. While these episodes can be addressed, managed, and prevented, there is still no cure for epilepsy. However, CBD products have been seen to help people cope with this condition and experienced a 25% decrease in severity and frequency of seizures. 

Since 2018, pharmaceutical companies have started to work towards creating a CBD-based anti-seizure product, and the FDA has been able to confirm its effectiveness. 

Other Benefits of CBD

As we have seen, CBD has endless benefits, but many of them are yet to be discovered and studied. Some animal studies and direct users experiences have shown that CBD could also be effective in:

  • Potentially Reducing inflammation
  • Potentially Strengthening and balancing the immune system
  • Potentially Reduce nausea
  • Learn More About the Benefits of CBD

While the benefits of CBD will continue to surprise us, it is essential to find CBD products that are pure, high-quality, and accurately manufactured. Because the production of this compound is largely unregulated, it is essential to ensure that you only buy your CBD products from an authoritative and respectable seller. 

Here at Fusion CBD Products, we believe that CBD has the potential to change people’s lives for the better. That is why we strive to become your most trusted partner. Whether you have a question about a CBD product or you are looking to use oils or tinctures to reduce the symptoms of a health condition, our team of experts can help you put your doubts to rest. 

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