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Kick the Sugary Sports Drinks: Here’s Your Guide To CBD Water

Sports Drinks vs. Water? It’s Not So Clear Cut

Most athletes and health-conscious people wouldn’t down a soda after their workouts--the very idea would make many laugh out loud. However, those same people might not bat an eye at the prospect of a sports drink, and might even consider it an important part of their workout routine and their journey towards their goals.

While sports drinks have long been lauded for the extra electrolytes they can procure athletes, the sugar they contain for flavouring can do more harm than good. Consuming many of the available types of sports drinks as a way to power through and recover from your workout may even be keeping you stuck in a vicious cycle of inflammation, sugar highs and the ensuing fatigue. 

So how do you get off that cycle? Today, we’re examining ways to substitute and improve this part of your workout routine with CBD sports drinks.

Are Sports Drinks Bad For You? Building Healthy Habits

A big part of building a healthy lifestyle is understanding which habits to reinforce and which ones to kick to the curb. Even if you know that sugar-packed sports drinks aren’t the optimal choice, it can be hard to eliminate them from your diet, especially if they’re part of your workout ritual.

Check any lifestyle blog or self-help book and you’ll get the same piece of wisdom: replace the bad habits you’re trying to break with healthy or productive ones. This means not stopping cold-turkey, which can create its own set of problems and even inhibit your progress towards your goals. 

Just like it’s possible to replace sedentary habits with active ones, or to replace destructive habits with positive ones, a good way to stop sabotaging your progress with sports drinks is to replace them, instead of just eschewing them.

The choices of sugar-free sports drinks are endless, but can also present a minefield of incomprehensible labels and artificial sweeteners. So before you reach for some neon-coloured, aspartame-filled mystery liquid, consider the oldest hydration method of them all: water. 

If that doesn’t sound exciting, don’t worry: we’re not talking about a bottle of metallic-tasting water from the fountain in your gym. You can get the benefits of sports drinks and far, far more depending on the type of water you choose.


What Are CBD Sports Drinks?

If you’re looking for a way to boost your performance in a safe and all-natural way, CBD sports drinks--or CBD-enhanced water--may be the best solution for you.

You’ve probably heard a lot about CBD itself, but less about how it works. When consumed, CBD binds to two receptors (or proteins) in the body: CB1 (or cannabinoid receptor 1), which is located in the brain and throughout the body’s nervous system, and CB2, which is primarily found in the immune and gastrointestinal systems. 

The body naturally produces a certain level of CBD; however, when consumed, CBD binds to the two above-mentioned receptors to enhance the functioning of the endocannabinoid system. CB1 helps enhance mental clarity and focus, while CB2 helps enhance endurance and recovery. You can learn more about CBD’s effects and benefits here


Can CBD Sports Drinks Help With Weight Loss?

It’s all about choosing an ally to your goals. If you’re working out and trying to make better decisions to help with weight loss, CBD water may have many benefits which can supercharge your road to results. Besides possibly acting as an appetite suppressant, CBD is also thought to assist the CB1 receptors in our endocannabinoid system in influencing the metabolic system and its function. It may also block off the CB1 receptors found in fatty tissue.

If you’re looking for other CBD products specifically designed to assist in a weight loss journey, you can check out our curated selection of expertly developed CBD weight-loss products

Will I Get High From CBD Water?

No! CBD is a derivative of the cannabis plant which is isolated from THC, the compound in cannabis which can get you high. CBD is an oil which is typically consumed through creams, ointments, rubs, and in its natural oil form in baking and cooking to deliver many of the same wellness and relaxation benefits as cannabis, without the psychoactive effects.

How Are CBD Sports Drinks Made?

Since CBD is an oil, mixing a CBD sports drink isn’t just a matter of squeezing a dropperful into your water bottle and shaking it up.

Making a CBD sports drink involves combining the CBD and the water through nanotechnology in order to thoroughly emulsify the oil. This means that you avoid the DYI-lava-lamp look of oil bubbles sloshing around, and it also prevents the drinker getting all the oil in one big, slippery gulp. By thoroughly diluting the CBD oil throughout the water, we ensure an even distribution of CBD; this is especially important since CBD water may be quicker-acting than other delivery methods. 

CBD Sports Drinks’ Benefits for Athletic Performance 

The benefits of CBD sports drinks don’t stop at CBD alone. At Fusion, we infuse our CBD water with a patented formula which includes sunflower lecithin, hemp oil and vitamin E to maximize recovery, charge the drink with electrolytes, and deliver anti-inflammatory properties to help you recover faster and get back to progressing towards your goals. 

Last Thoughts

If you’re going to choose a sports drink, it’s important to choose one that won’t harm your progress, and if you’re going to opt for water, it’s important to maximize its benefits. CBD water is a safe, all-natural way of boosting your performance and supercharging your journey towards your goals; it’s also a great way to introduce the advantages that CBD offers into your daily routine in low, controlled doses if you’ve never tried it before. 

Learn more about Fusion CBD products and about the benefits of CBD in all areas of your life; take a look at our wide range of CBD products today!