Should I Take CBD Before Or After A Workout?

Should I Take CBD Before Or After A Workout?

You can reap a whole host of wellness benefits by adding a few drops of pure CBD oil to your morning coffee. Its soothing effects will help you stay calm and relaxed, ready to tackle anything. CBD can also reduce inflammation, make your skin healthier, and help you focus.

One thing you may not have heard about CBD is its positive effect on your workout routine. It's true - there are a lot of physiological and biochemical effects that CBD can have on athletes. Join us as we discuss how the use of CBD before or after a workout can have a big impact on your performance. You might be surprised by how well Fusion CBD Energy Boost works if you have naturally low energy levels.


CBD Energy & Focus Boost | Fusion CBD

Fusion CBD Energy & Focus Boost

What Is CBD?

Due to the changes introduced by the 2018 Farm Bill, cannabis derivatives, such as cannabidiol (CBD), are becoming widely popular. CBD is a purely natural compound found in the cannabis plant renowned for its medicinal properties. CBD is also available as a vape juice, along with soft gels, dietary supplements, gums, capsules, and oils. 

But don’t mistake this cannabinoid for THC. Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is CBD's more notorious sibling and is what makes us feel "high." 

Using CBD before or after a workout can help boost energy levels by enhancing protein synthesis and expression in areas of the brain associated with wakefulness. It also regulates your body's endocannabinoid system, which depends on sleep-wake cycles to create energy. 

How Can CBD Help Pre-Workout?

We are here to discuss How CBD Could Affect Your Workout and even change your whole attitude toward fitness. 

Why is it so hard to get up every morning, go to the gym, and do those reps? To start with, there's no such thing as easy success. To build a healthy lifestyle, you need a lot of mental and physical strength. There is a reason why every athlete emphasizes the significance of workout supplements. And it's no secret that CBD before or after a workout is all the rage in the world of health and fitness right now. 

Over 97% of participants in a RECHARGE CBD Cream Clinical Trial study reported that CBD relieved their exercise joint stiffness and muscle tension. An absolute raving review, if there ever was one. Here's everything you need to know about CBD pre-workout effect on your routine:

Stress Relief With CBD

You should prepare your mind for a workout, as well as your body, especially since stress has become a major concern in sports psychology. Almost all athletes experience nerves and tension before competitions, particularly when intense pressure is placed on them to perform well and succeed. That's where CBD comes into play.

Using CBD pre-workout can ease stress, and many people believe it can also help them focus while exercising. According to a study published in The Journal of Clinical Investigation, participants receiving CBD during exercise experienced less physical stress compared to those receiving a placebo. The CBD pre-workout effect will vary from person to person, so it's hard to say to what extent it can decrease the level of stress for everyone.

You Can Sleep Better With CBD

Reducing stress is a surefire way to feel relaxed and content. As a bonus, you'll get better sleep and a good night's rest. What's the outcome? By the time you wake up the next morning, CBD will be working its magic, and you'll be ready for your workout

In what way? Restlessness can be alleviated by addressing underlying causes, like anxiety, PTSD, depression, medications, physical conditions, caffeine overuse, and environmental factors.

For instance, CBD pre-workout Fusion Sleep and Recovery Softgel works wonders for athletes as a sleep aid, which is also the ideal time for the body to replenish itself. In studies, CBD reduced the amount of time spent in REM sleep and increased the amount of time spent in deep sleep, or NREM. 

Our brain activity, body temperature, and heart rate drop during deep sleep, which promotes a better night's sleep. The importance of good sleep is fundamental to athletic performance and overall health. Therefore, it's worth exploring how CBD can assist your sleep cycle, particularly if you experience occasional insomnia.

 CBD Sports Drink | Fusion CBD

Fusion CBD Sports Drink

CBD Assistance In Reducing Muscular Tension

Sport-related arousal is often associated with anxiety, which can lead to increased muscle tension, coordination problems, perspiration, and nausea. CBD before or after a workout can help people with muscular tension or muscle soreness.

By warming up properly before an intense workout, you are less likely to experience Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) and can also prepare your muscles for an intense workout. Additionally, CBD may reduce muscular tension and widen blood vessels. This can reduce the time it takes to warm up and help you get the most out of your workout.

If you are interested in taking your CBD pre-workout, Fusion CBD Water can help reduce anxiety and blood pressure, so you're completely in the zone from the beginning. CBD-infused water goes beyond your usual sports drinks. The ingredients in our CBD mineral water/sports drink boost muscle recovery, improve mental clarity, and fight inflammation, so you can train harder and smarter than ever. 

In addition to alleviating gut issues, CBD water can also reduce nausea by engaging your serotonin receptors.


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Fusion CBD French Vanilla Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

How To Use CBD Pre-Workout?

There are numerous ways in which you can use CBD pre-workout. For example, you might wonder, What Is the Best Way to Take CBD Oil? And ultimately, it's all about what works for you and your body. Depending on your needs and body type, CBD oil, soft gels, or gummies effects might take hold quickly and last only a short while. Or maybe you want a slow burn, which takes a while to kick in but lasts for hours. What's important is how you spend your day and what results you want your specific CBD to produce.

Who Should Use CBD Before A Workout?

In addition to its positive effects on everyone, CBD has specific benefits for a few types of people, including:

  • Anyone who gets nervous before a workout or athletic event
  • People who need a confidence boost before working out due to stress
  • Those with limited time looking to get the most out of their workout

How Can CBD Help After A Workout?

While CBD can have beneficial effects before a workout, it's also proven to improve workout experiences afterward. These are the positive effects of CBD post-workout:

CBD To Relieve Muscle Soreness

No matter how skilled or inexperienced you are, you'll almost always get soreness and inflammation after a workout. However, as long as you enjoy CBD post-workout Recovery Powder Sour Gummy, you won't have to alter your entire routine because of delayed-onset muscle soreness.

Physical activity naturally causes microscopic damage to muscle fibers, which is why CBD's healing properties are known to reduce muscle pain, inflammation, and bodily aches. No matter how you use it, CBD delivers a more organic form of relief than commercially available products. 

You may ask if CBD really gets you back to the gym 24 hours after leg day with just a few drops in your post-workout smoothie. And the answer is yes! Using CBD, your muscles will feel miles better than they did when you sat around moping.

CBD Promotes Mobility

The pharmacological effects of CBD on people with Multiple Sclerosis have also been extensively studied, leading to the conclusion that this magical compound may also improve their mobility. The symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis often mean less mobility and less physical activity. According to a paper published in Frontiers In Neurology, CBD products such as Fusion CBD Intensive Relief Rub can provide vast anti-inflammatory, antioxidative, antiemetic, antipsychotic, and neuroprotective benefits.

Using our hemp-based CBD discomfort relief cream will leave you wondering why you fell for ice packs or cold compresses before.

Inflammation, discomfort, and swelling are caused by prostaglandins. It's for this reason that ibuprofen is a popular pain reliever since it blocks the production of prostaglandins, which reduce inflammation. The downside is that ibuprofen can cause serious side effects.

In contrast, CBD connects with your body's endocannabinoid system. With CBD, you get pain relief in a safer, more organic way since it binds to what is responsible for discomfort sensation, inflammation, and body temperature.

How To Use CBD After A Workout?

As explained before, there are tons of ways in which you can take CBD before and after your workout. Whether you enjoy a few drops of CBD oil in your coffee, blended into a tasty smoothie, or even baked into a gooey chocolate cake, you'll find a CBD post-workout snack worth sweating for!

However, it would be great to get rid of the guesswork involved in measuring dosages, wouldn't it? Rest assured; there is no better way to get your preferred amount of cannabidiol oil than through CBD capsules.

Fusion CBD Energy and Focus Softgels are 100% organic CBD capsules for energy and focus. They'll help you stay sharper for longer while giving you a boost of energy. You won't get the sugar crash or the shakes with CBD capsules, unlike coffee, energy drinks, or any other caffeinated drinks.

Who Should Use CBD After A Workout?

CBD is great for anyone who wants to stay in shape after a workout. However, specific groups of people may benefit more from it, including:

  • People who get sore or inflamed muscles after working out
  • Those who want to relax faster after a workout
  • People who go to the gym late at night and need a good night's sleep after a heavy workout

Should I Take CBD Before or After a Workout?

Whether you should take CBD before or after a workout will largely depend on what you want to get out of it. It's best to take CBD pre-workouts if you want to improve your workout, reduce stress, and sleep better. But if you want to maximize and speed up your recovery, you should take CBD post-workout.

Obviously, you can mix it up and use CBD before and after your workout to enjoy different results. It's imperative to remember to control your dose if you choose to use it multiple times a day.

How Much CBD Should I Take Before or After A Workout?

Even though there's been tons of research on CBD, there's no definitive answer for how much CBD you should take.

The dosage of CBD before or after a workout will vary from person to person, so everyone should take their time and experiment. If you're new to CBD or have never used it before, start with a small dose and build up until you reach the effect you're looking for. 

You should always read the packaging label before you take anything containing CBD, as the amount you take will also depend on how you are ingesting it.

Why Choose Fusion CBD Products?

Our confidence in Fusion's CBD is based on several key factors. For instance, all of our CBD products contain CBD isolate, which means they contain only CBD and no psychoactive cannabinoids like THC. With its purity, you won't get high and still get all the benefits of cannabis!


To make and supply the highest quality hemp extract available on the market, we have partnered with FDA-registered and GMP-certified industrial hemp facilities in the USA. We use proprietary hemp extract in all of our gluten-free and vegan CBD products.

For consistent and purity testing, Fusion CBD Products, such as CBD oils, e-liquids, topicals, and capsules, undergo testing by third parties using HPLC analysis.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should you take CBD pre-workout?

Absolutely. CBD works best before workouts, reduces stress, and improves sleep.

What are the benefits of CBD post-working out?

Indeed. CBD will speed up your recovery and improve your workout performance.

How much CBD should I take after a workout?

In spite of some CBD research, no one knows how much CBD you should take. CBD before or after workout doses vary from person to person, so you should consider experimenting in the beginning.

Does CBD oil affect exercise?

Adding a few drops of pure pre-workout CBD oil to your morning coffee can have a whole bunch of health and wellness benefits. The physiological and biochemical effects of CBD can be huge for athletes. CBD also has a huge impact on exercise by reducing stress and improving oxygen delivery.