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5 Smarts Ways of Recycling Your AVB (Already Vaped Bud)

If you’re the proud owner of a Volcano or similar vaporizer, you’ll know all about ‘already vaped bud’, or AVB for short.

For those that aren’t familiar with already vaped bud, AVB is the brown, crispy, leftover flowers that are the end product of a vape session. Unlike smoking where the cannabis disintegrates to ash, the flower remains in-tact and actually retains some of its cannabinoid content.

That’s right, value vapers – you can use your stash double time! …if you know how to, that is.

Here are five creative and frugal ways you can use that precious AVB to get the most value from your stash. Keep in mind that your mileage may vary, as not all AVB is created equal; depending on the temperature you vaped your weed with, you may have already smoked all that sweet THC. But if you’re vaping in that 315-440 degree-Fahrenheit range, you might be surprised by how much power that leftover flower has!


Edible are probably the most obvious use of your AVB. Cooking and baking with AVB is a great way to get more value from your flowers, plus it’ll cover the ‘burnt’ taste.

Look for edible recipes online. There are tons of them, from classic weed brownies to more refined dishes like a herb salmon. The beautiful part of using already vaped bud for cooking and baking is that since it’s been vaped, and therefore decarboxylated, it’s already ready to use (compared to grinding fresh flowers, which will need to be decarboxylated before cooking).

Be sure to start with lower dosages in your cooking, as it’ll be impossible to test potency. You can always have another brownie!


If you like the idea of chowing down on your AVB, but your cooking ability extends to ordering Uber Eats, you can simply use it as a topping or garnish to your favourite snacks and meals.

Water curing is a technique that’ll remove that ‘weed’ taste if you just can’t stand that distinct flavour. But if you can’t be bothered, pair your AVB with strong flavours – think Nutella, peanut butter, BBQ sauce, hot sauce, etc.

Coffee and Tea

As we said, AVB is already decarboxylated, and can therefore be added to any foods and beverages, including your morning cup of coffee or tea. For coffee, you can simply add the already vaped weed to your grounds while you brew. From there, you can mask the burnt AVB taste with a flavoured cream like hazelnut or Irish Cream, or some butter (or even cannabutter, if you’re a madlad).

For tea, add your AVB to your tea leaves and steep. Stronger teas will mask the AVB taste better, or you could add more honey or another sweetener. Cannabinoids bind to fat, so milk and cream are always welcome in this case.

Coconut Oil

Infused coconut oil is an uncommon but effective way to recycle AVB. Coconut oil is an exceptional vessel considering the fat content, which cannabinoids readily bind to.

All you need to do is toss your AVB and coconut oil into a slow cooker, and keep on low heat for a few hours; stir every once in a while so your concoction doesn’t burn. When it’s done, cool, and then strain your oil from the AVB with a cheesecloth. You can store your infused coconut oil in a dark, cool place.

…Smoke it?

So you don’t want to eat it, you don’t want to brew it, and you think coconut oil is witchcraft. But you’ve got a bong and a lighter.

You want to smoke that AVB (again), don’t you? Well, you technically can, if you don’t mind swift judgment from your friends.

Smoking AVB should be your final resort, desperation move – it won’t hit you like a fresh flower will, and it’ll be harsh on the lungs to smoke. Oh, and it’ll probably taste somewhere between fresh bong water and the inside of your sneaker.

But hey, it’s better than just tossing your already vaped bud away… right?

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