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How to Choose the Best CBD Product for Your Needs

In the wellness and health industries, cannabidiol (CBD) has been as popular as avocados on Instagram over the past few years.

That popularity has continued to surge, regardless of the fact there simply isn't as much robust data about CBD and the industry as there is in the food, beverage, or supplement categories, for example.

To meet consumer demand of this 'green rush', we’re left with a saturated market that includes varying levels of quality CBD products. So how do you know which CBD products are best for your needs? We'll give you a few things to look out for when choosing your CBD goods.

Check the label

Even with speedy advancements in CBD regulation in North America, there are still shady companies trying to make a quick buck in the crazed CBD market.

Over the past year alone, studies suggest that up to 60% of CBD products are mislabeled, specifically in their cannabinoid content. These CBD brands aren’t mentioning the levels of THC in their products, or have synthetic cannabinoids that have been known to make some people ill. These are known as 'white label' CBD products.

Comparatively, CBD products that are sourced from high-grade hemp facilities, for example, are typically from companies that control every stage of the process – growth, formulation, and production. At Fusion CBD Products, we take pride in the fact we only use the highest-grade industrial hemp sourced from farms in the United States, so we can reassure our consumers what they’re getting is the real deal.

So, you know you can trust the CBD company you’re buying from is understanding how involved they are with the product (just ask!) from hemp growth to product.

What's the source

Where the hemp is being sourced from in your CBD product matters.

Like we mentioned above, U.S.-grown hemp like we use at Fusion is a-okay. European hemp is also an excellent choice; the UK, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, and Italy all have extensive experience cultivating hemp.

Adding to the credibility of European- and U.S.-based hemp is the fact both continents regulate growers through strict guidelines and standards, so you know what you’re getting is quality.

Another consideration to make is knowing how the hemp was sourced. Extraction methods are different from company to company. Ideally, you’ll want to find hemp that's been sourced via a CO2 solvent that dissolved CBD molecules. This method pulls higher volumes of cannabinoids from the plant for a higher purity. Plus, this method doesn’t add any other chemicals.

If you’re choosing CBD products with hemp that was extracted in another way, be sure you know the chemical ingredients they used in the process, as they could be harmful to you, or pale in effectiveness compared to purer CBD oils and products.

Do (more) research

You know through years of Google experience that you shouldn’t believe everything you read on the web (well, except for this), and therefore you should be doing your own diligent research.

One common question we always find from our consumers even after doing their research is the difference between full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD, which we can quickly clarify.

Full-spectrum CBD products are made with hemp that contains all the plants’ compounds, not just the CBD alone. So, these products often include terpenes and other naturally-occurring oils, as well as small traces of THC.

Comparatively, broad-spectrum CBD falls between pure CBD and full-spectrum CBD. It’s more or less full-spectrum CBD, minus any traces of THC.

Another thing to be mindful of when choosing the best CBD products for your health needs are the ratios of CBD and THC in the product. High CBD and low THC amounts in a product can be more effective at easing symptoms like anxiety and stress, while products with lower CBD-to-THC ratios can be better for physical pain or chronic diseases.

Generally, you should have no trouble finding sourcing methods, ingredient lists, and other important information regarding a company’s CBD products – if it isn’t easily accessible, that could be a red flag!

Now that you know how to pick the best CBD products for you, check out our online store full of CBD items sourced from the highest industrial-grade hemp in the U.S.!

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